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Working Under Pressure

I can't imagine how I was able to get everything done last night before retiring to bed at midnight. I don't usually go to bed at midnight anymore because as early as 8 p.m., I have such drooping eyes that I can hold them off no longer. I did a total of ten (10) opportunities from three (3) different affiliates yesterday and quite a number of filler posts. While doing the bulk of writing tasks, I was also at the same time dropping cards to more than a thousand blogs. I woke up as early as 3:30 a.m. yesterday. I was already very tired from a day's work but I don't know where I got the will to finish all the assignments given to me with a sense of urgency. All the opportunities were to expire yesterday and I can't just let it slip away from my fingers again just because I wasn't able to manage my time.
Gratefully, I have managed to work under pressure. But I hate it when quality is sacrificed to make way for paid reviews. I feel like I was just writing anything that comes to mind just for the sake of posting them because there is an urgent need to post in between reviews. But I am no Superwoman. As much as I wanted to accomplish so many things in 24 hours, that is not just possible. I haven't stop wishing there's 48 hours in one day so that I could accomplish more.