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Top 25 EntreCard Droppers for October

Another month had gone by. It's high time again to recognize the Top 25 regular and faithful droppers of this blog for the month of October. The Top 10 blogs were able to drop every single day of October, without fail!
I keep recognizing my Top Droppers in the past but unknowingly, I haven't really given them due recognition for their effort and time because the links weren't directed at their respective blogs. The links were directed at the EntreCard site, thus acknowledgment isn't really for them. This time around, I would like to give credit to where it is due.
Do click the links of my Top Droppers and be taken to their beautiful blogs.

Dropper # of drops
Everything Under the Sun 31
verITableLIFE 31
My Point Of View 31
Symphony of Love 31
The Way I See It 31
Marriage and Beyond 31
Where the Long Tail Ends 31
60 Were Enough 31
Memories Frozen in Time 31
Searching for me 31

Not too far behind are the following blogs:
Beaker's 3 Dimensions
Random Ramblings
Babette's Definitely Maybe!
HRM Business Practices and Notes
SFV Blog
Authority Directory
Chica & Pumuckl - 2 Egyptian Cats in Germany
Thailand Land of Smiles
The Sewing Mom
My note's
Teen Suicide Talk
Mommy's Little Corner
Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos