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Featured BFF: Lollii of My Kawaii Life

Mother and Daughter

I find this pretty young lass very amazing. And why not? She is the youngest blogger I know. At the age of 14, I have always wondered how she has learned so much! She has managed her blog, My Kawaii Life, more frequently despite her tight sked at school.
I truly admire her writing skills. At a very young age, she can express and articulate herself so well. Her Mom, who happens to be my officemate, must be so very proud of her! She is truly lucky to have such a beautiful, intelligent, kind and sweet daughter. Not too many Moms gets so lucky like you, Ate Vi! You must have realized it by now, hehe!

This post is very special because Vyne, as I'd like to call her, and Lollii to many of you, will be turning a year older. She is an achiever and I know she can go a long way. Just stay focused on your goals and everything will be within your reach.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VYNES! Hugs and Kisses from me!