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I Am A Blogger!

For those of you who have been frequenting my blogs, you must be aware by now that I am so much passionate about blogging. It has become an addiction and eventhough I am quite busy with work which is on a 8-5 basis and preoccupied with a lot of other stuffs, I always find time to blog, or if not to blog, doing my usual daily routine such as replying on comments, reading and commenting on blogger's posts that are of interest to me, and dropping cards to more than a thousand blogs everyday... without fail.
My blogs are my babies. It never really came to mind that I would take blogging seriously to the point of contemplating on giving up my own job. I became really, really serious with blogging when I got my own domains April of this year. When I mean serious, it means I keep it updated at least once a week.
Though most of the things you read here is all about me, myself and I, I still would want to make the most out of your time by coming up with articles that are thought of. Everytime I make a post, I don't write them just for the sake of posting. And it's never for the sole reason that I need to write because I have an audience. It's all for the love of writing and expressing myself well through this medium.
If not too busy at work, I even draft those that comes to mind in random. But because of time constraints, I admit that quality articles is sometimes unattainable. People have always been talking about quality and content being king. But to me, it is subjective. If you think this blog is low in quality and I am just wasting your time, you can opt to never come back. But still, there is always room for improvement. I always want to improve as a person, as a blogger. I never cease in learning because it's the thing that I crave. I have learnt quite a lot from other people's points of view and the learning doesn't stop there.
The gift of friendship that I've shared with many of you here in the cyberworld has kept me motivated to try harder and improve. And because I've learned so much by being a blogger, I am sporting this shirt to shout to the world that I'm proud to be a blogger. This shirt was created and designed by the artistic hands of a very good blogger friend, Rosilie of Rosilie: My Blog, whom I had the privilege of meeting in the flesh during the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit.

What about you? Are you proud to be a blogger?