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A Special Day for a Very Special Man

If you have been a frequent visitor of my blogs, you should have known by now that the name Uncle Che pops up every now and then in any of my published articles. And why not? It is worth every mention! He is a very special man not because he has been a huge help especially on the technical aspects of blogging but because he has such very special and admirable qualities that you would find very endearing.
I am no techy-savvy type of person. I am just too afraid to mess up everything with my blogs. Good thing he is always there, ever ready to always extend a helping hand. He is the type of person who offers his help even without me telling him anything. Well, you must be curious how come I knew Uncle Che. Let me relate to you how my friendship with him began. 

Novice Master
I have been frequenting his blog since July of 2008. I was then a stalker, haha! I never get myself involved with the discussions at AZ Blogging. I was too afraid what I publish in the form of comment would be a huge mistake. Not until I saw one message at one of my posts. Uncle Che was actually asking me for the image URL of my blog!
As I have earlier mentioned, I am no techy-savvy type of person. I don't even know what image URL mean, haha! I felt very honored someone would love to place the image URL of my blog at his sidebar.  I can't help from gushing! I didn't realized then it was just the beginning of a more deeper friendship from a co-blogger who came from the opposite part of the world. I don't know how Uncle Che found my way to my mailbox. I didn't bother to ask. But one day, I received a very heartwarming message informing me something was amiss at the new blog I had just purchased at the time. That email came to offer his help to fix my newly-purchased domain Kuerdas. 
From then on, we became very good buddies frequently exhanging messages at Yahoo Messenger and even over Voice Chat. Believe me when I say I had the most difficult time comprehending his deep and thick accent, hehe! But over time, I got used to it. And the best thing of it all was that I was able to meet her fiancee Baby Noela, too! But due to time constraints on Noela's part, we could hardly involve ourselves in a deeper and more prolonged conversation as much as we would love to because of her schooling. She is currently taking her Masters Degree. I feel very proud when Noela has been mentioning my name n Her About Me Page. She said:
"Maybe you should ask Scotty's Princess, her name is Ellaine but most people call her Lainy. The first thing she would tell you about me is that I am Dr. Luv's (naughty) baby, a girl (soon to be a woman) with lots of strong determination to pursue her numerous passions..."
Looking back, it was a blessing from the first day I've had the guts to publish my first ever comment for Uncle Che's blog. If I may just quote:
"You asked yourself, why we bloggers love you? Well, one of the few reasons why a blogger is loved by readers is that he is always sincere and genuine. You speak your mind from your heart. We, as your readers, can feel that. Personally, I do not go for stunning brilliance on the way a blogger writes. It’s how he communicates with people and that it’s always coming from the heart. "

I was a little stunned when he replied and told me that he found my words soft and encouraging.  The friendship blossomed from then on and was taken to a higher level. There was no turning back! I had even handed him the responsibility of raffling and declaring the lucky winners for the Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest which he willingly accepted. Furthermore, Uncle Che and Baby Noela became my guest bloggers to this humble blog of mine wherein they both kept a handful of readers excited and giddy of their own love stories. The two of them have their own versions to tell. Uncle Che talked about the Stages in a Love Relationship (Part 1) - Uncle Che and Baby Noela while Noela, on the other hand, wrote the article Thank God for a Lover like Uncle Che. I have always told Uncle Che umpteen of times how lucky they both are to have each other. It was truly a match made in heaven! 
Later, in his newly-acquired blog, Novice Master, he expressed how he was deeply going Filipino. He talked so highly of Filipino bloggers and friends which made me so very proud to be one! He even expressed he would love to come and visit the Philippines whenever circumstances would allow him.  
Now my friendship with these wonderful people, Uncle Che and Noela, made me cherish my blogging journey more and more It is not everyday that we have the opportunity to meet genuine people.
Since February 29 is Uncle Che's BIG day (I added the 29th day in my calendar for this year, hehe!), I want Uncle Che to know how he has touched my life and many other lives out there. I wish you many good things to come this year, Uncle Che. I know you have so many dreams and aspirations you would want accomplished, especially in helping your fellow Africans to become computer literate and educated. I hope you would see the realizations of some of them soon. Goodluck on your online projects especially on Camhood and Pen2net. Please take good care of your health. Tough guys get sick, too! You have been working like a horse. Don't let Noela worry so much about you. And lastly, I can't wait to see you and Noela tying the knot very, very soon!
Have a very meaningful and blessed 29th birthday! 


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A L L Y! 

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In the Eyes of the Beholder


Writer's Block

There are so many things that really comes to mind in random and I want to put them all down across my blogs. My problem is that I do not know how to start. It has always been a problem for me. Where to start, how to begin and stuffs like that. I have read quite a number of blogs blogging about writer's block. I am thinking this could be my case too right here and now! What really is working in my mind now is a compact flash memory Gosh! I can't believe I even think of that!
But interestingly, I have read somewhere that writer's block is caused by anxiety and depression. And what's very alarming is that it is said to be a chronic illness! Oh sweet heavenly! I haven't really thought of that before. I just thought of it as something like that of amnesia, hahahaha!
But anyways, I hope I wouldn't have that long-term kind of a problem. I think I just need to get in touch with the characters I would like to talk about and begin doscovering and understanding them.


How Much Do You Value Your Commenters?

Everytime we hit the publish button for every articles we hurdle to write for our blogs, we deliver a message. That message could be a reflection of who we are, what we believe in and just whatever trivial thoughts that walk through our heads. The message could be clearly and effectively adhered to by our respective visitors or they could have opposing views on the matter. Whichever case it is, I personally would want to hear each and everyone's points of view by airing their respective sentiments, additional and substantial inputs related to the subject or if not related, a simple hello being sent via the comment section is always appreciated. Commenter's contribution to the discussion at hand is always of great value.
What really makes a blog interesting is when we have readers reading our stuffs. I want to quote Uncle Che of AZ Blogging for this. He aptly said of which I so much conform:
"I have always considered the art of commenting as the "BEST SOCIAL NETWORKING TOOLS FOR BLOGS". Your blog can be on BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, Bumpzee... Irrespective of how much users interact with our blogs, we still need their direct comments and that counts more than anything else..."
When it comes to commenting best practises, there is no irrelevant comment in my vocabulary. Everyone who takes extra time and effort in hitting the comment box and eventually publishing a comment is highly appreciated by yours truly. Spammers have no place in my blogs though.
The power of commenting can actually get our blogs to greater heights. By commenting, our presence is not only warmly felt but we can increase traffic to our respective blogs as well. In addition, it enables us to share our insights and gives more depth to the topic being discussed. And here's the catch! Get your blog indexed in search engines by posting relevant comments. That's only one of the real great value of commenting.
You do publish comments at other blogs. But how well motivated are you in coming forth and commenting more? Are you recognized for the inputs shared or for the frequent comments you've had posted for a certain blog?
Well, for the First Commenter's Club, you will get due recognition! We shall be recognizing those people who have placed the first ever comment for a specific post. I do not exactly know who authored this idea but I stole this brilliant one from a great and lovely blogging pal, Mariuca of Wishing on a Falling Star. For almost a year, I've tried to install a few widget codes to identify the Top Commenters for my blogs, but my effort were for naught. I always fail. Not until Marzie came to the rescue! She made everything possible! Her unselfish act is truly commendable! Together with the brilliant Uncle Che of Novice Master, they were able to install the JS KIT and Comment Luv Plug Ins. These two people are my angels! What could Lainy be without you, guys???A million thank you's to the both of you!
To further encourage commenters to share their thoughts and establish rapport and camaraderie with each one of us, this blog and my other blog, Our Journey to Forever, shall be linking up to those people who shall be identified as first commenters. The Top Commenters for the month shall also get a few incentive in the form of EntreCard credits. These shall be my comment policy across my blogs. As you can see, I also try my best to answer all posted comments. I do not moderate comments because I am not online most of the time.
I am therefore encouraging everyone to get involved and share your thoughts as long as it is not a violation of my comment policy. Rude and nasty comments shall be subject for deletion. And please... No more marriage proposals again, OK? LOL!


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Sushi Freak

More About General Santos CIty

General Santos City will be celebrating its 70th Foundation anniversary on February 27. How time flies so fast! It was only yesterday when the then small town, well-known for bearing lots of Dadiangas tree, was discovered by General Paulino Santos. Now, the chartered city, known to many as GenSan, is the well spring of winners. Manny Pacquiao was one of the most famous International boxing star born and bred here in Gensan. Not to mention many other aspiring celebrities who made it to showbizness like Ethel Booba, Gerald Anderson, and the singing sensation,  Philip Cesar Nadela among others.
Hailed as the country's Tuna Capital, GenSan is a three-time awardee for the MOST COMPETITIVE CITY in the Philippines for the year 1999-2000 (all cities category), 2000-2001 (mid-sized category), and 2007 (mid-sized category). GenSan indeed has come a long way from a very small town to a highly urbanized city. It flaunts the program Magandang Gensan to all its constituents and the rest of the SOCCSKSARGEN Growth Area.
The 70th Foundation Anniversary known as the Kalilangan Festival promises more splendor and magnificent display of GenSan's rich heritge and culture. I won't be going anywhere on that day since it was declared to be a non-working holiday. Since all of us will just be staying home and summer is fast approaching, I bet our ceiling fans will be turned on the entire day! Huh! Weather here has been unpredictabe lately. Sometimes the sun refuses to show up but most times the heat is intolerable! Gee! We will have to make do with the fans because turning on the airconditioner would mean expensive electric bill, LOL! 


Another Contest in the Making...

Here we go again.
Yet another anniversary. A celebration... not of Lainy's birthday, but the birthday of Lainy's Musings. Yeah, this blog I so much love and cherish! This blog was born on April 26, 2008. I have achieved quite a lot through this blog, in my own standards, that is. I think one good way of reciprocating is by asking my friends, relatives, visitors and readers to join me in celebrating this blog's anniversary.

The last contest held on this blog dubbed Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest was quite a success by virtue of the generous sponsors who poured in some great prizes for the contest. I considered the sponsors the LIFEBLOOD of such undertaking. I hope this time, more and more people will be willing to lend a helping hand to enable me spread the word about this anniversary and also share some aniversary love with the blogosphere.
I am too grateful some of my friends have already expressed and pledged their support in the form of Cash, EntreCard credits, domain and webhosting, three (3) Blogger shirts with accessories as freebies, Blog Lay-Out, and Free 125X125 widget exposure.
My very special friends who initially confirmed their sponsorship are the following (in no particular order):
*** 112 Blog Sponsors as of today, March 5, 2009, 12 AM.

I will be very glad to accept your show of support in this endeavor in whatever form you wish until March 5, 2009.

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I V Y!

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My So Called Life

Learning is a Continuous Process

Everytime I go to the banks for my personal and office transactions, I have always wondered how it's like to be working for them. I mean, banking jobs is a little stressful and demands more of your time. But it looks a little glamorous to me. You need to be always at your best. The tellers are beautiful and they are wearing their best clothes and they are also fully made up. Sometimes I wished I should have taken business courses so that there is a chance for me to be working at the banks. But since I am no good at figures and science, I took a Bachelor of Arts degree major in Political Science for my undergraduate studies.
I thought a degree in Political Science was the best course available at the time. I was actually all fired up in going to Law school after four years of study. But my priorities were focused on getting a good job after graduation and helping out my family. There was no time to go to school again.
Oh! But no!
I have always been in school after my college graduation. I took some units in the Graduate School. I was about to write my thesis but again, my attention was diverted to another priorioty. I took a short-term course in Medical Transcription. I finished the course in six months but I wasn't able to use it, hehe! I also took many other short courses that enhanced my skills in baking and cooking.
I still firmly believe that learning doesn't end on graduation day. It is a continuous process and by learning, we grow as an individual and as a person... 

Birthday Wish Tag

I love taggies and memes but more often than not, I post them all at once. This time, it's hard to wait for another day to have this taggie posted. Thanks my sweet and lovely friend Mariuca of Mariuca's Perfume Gallery for thinking of me! That is so really sweet of you, Marzie!

My last birthday celebration was fun. I didn't had a particular birthday wish because I was too busy with the Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest. Aside from the virtual gifts that kept pouring in, the mighty Google was kind enough to give this blog a PR3 a few days after my birthday but was immediately taken back leaving me with a  PR2. Not too bad, hehe! The best thing of it all was the surprise birthday package sent to me by My Sayang It was sent exactly five (5) days before my big day.  What a pleasant and huge surprise that was!

Now I am keeping the ball rolling by listing down my 10 birthday wishes for this year:

  1. My Sayang's visit to the Philippines hopefully would materialise. 
  2. A boyfriend for my mother, hahaha! 
  3. A clearer vision.
  4. A healthier me, no more asthma attacks, baby!. 
  5. PR 3 across my four blogs! Wishful thinking at its best, hahaha! 
  6. A halt to this global crisis and recession. 
  7. More income for doing paid reviews. 
  8. A better,  happier, more contented Lainy, My Prince Scotty and my family. 
  9. A better Philippines( Another election coming... )
  10. A better servant of God. 

Now I want to know your own list of birthday wishes:
  1. Mystique of Mystique's Moments
  2. Gagay of Walking Newspaper
  3. Mize of Night Clicks
  4. Twerlyn of Twerlermz Blog
  5. Windmill of Windmill on the Hill
  6. Polly of Random Ramblings
  7. Race of Moments of my Life
  8. Babette of Babette's Definitely Maybe!
  9. Recel of My Written Expressions
  10. Uncle Che of Novice Master - my very good friend who shall be celebrating his 29th birthday on the 29th of February ;-)

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R E C E L!

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My All-Time Favorite Books

I so love books! Reading quite a handful of them since I was in grade school is actually the culprit why I am having an impaired vision. Well, reading isn't bad at all but I wasn't practicing the good reading position that is why I am badly suffering now.
Indeed, it's too late to say the I-should-haves...
I am fond reading just any kind of books. But specifically, when I reached hgh school I got hooked on some romance novels of my favorite novelists Barbara Cartland and Danielle Steele among others. That was when I started wearing eyeglasses. The late Sidney Sheldon was also the most sought-after author of yours truly in the bookstores.
When I reached college, I matured and had read quite a lot of philosophy books and some political-related articles. Most of them were political theories in my classes and some court rulings from SCRA (Supreme Court Report Annotated). I had to hurdle reading them all because I had no choice  as it was required of me being a student of Political Science at the time.
One of the all-time favorite books I had was the book by the Abu Sayaff captive and survivor Gracia Burnham entitled In the Presence of my Enemies. Her book is an epitome of a true Christian. Despite life's hardships and trials, even when her husband, Martin Burnham, died when they were held hostage by the Muslim rebels,  her faith never wavered one bit! It's quite hard to  imagine the kind of life she lived after that big storm in her life! To me, she is such a living inspiration!
Also one unforgettable and great find is the book by Rick Warren The Purpose Driven Life. It's a must-have for all of us who wants to tread on the real mission our Lord God has for us on this planet.
And to top everything I have mentioned, nothing can beat the best book ever written and that is the Holy Bible. This is the one and only book adhered to by Christians like me. 
What about you? Do you also have your own favorites? 


My Two Cents on Declining Requests of EntreCard Adverts

Have you been denied of your attempt of advert purchase from our fellow EntreCarders?
What was the feeling when your purchase attempt was declined?
Why the need to buy slots for adverts?

There is a need for us to understand the importance of purchasing adverts. EntreCard is a site that drives free traffic to our blogs and one of its features is to promote our blogs via the 125 X 125 widgets by buying ad slots from our fellow EntreCarders. Since it's purpose is blog promotion, we expect a number of clicks from the purchase . More clicks indicate a more successful advertising campaign, and more visitors to our site, that is, when the purchase is accepted.

In many occasions, I got myself declined. I know whose blogs are those because their widgets will be forever imprinted in my memory and I had them all bookmarked. Honestly, the first thing that came to mind with the decline was:

"What's wrong with my blog?" 

Everyone makes some sort of decision before a purchase. When it is rejected, I feel obstructed somehow. I am well aware that my blogs aren't the best blogs one could ever visit but each of us have our own standards of the BEST and QUALITY blogs.

I actually consider a number of things when making my own selection for the purchase:
  • The price- how many EC credits I am willing to spend
  • EntreCard Popularity
  • Widget Location
  • Blog Content/ Niche

Purchasing an advert and for it to be accepted by a fellow EntreCard member is like asking a favor and for the favor being accepted. It is a factor, it is some sort of reciprocity. Declining a purchase is like not willing to do a favor; why would someone not willing to do a favor? I really can't think of any reason and it sure beats my imagination!

These blogs have their own reasons for declining our purchase attempts and they usually come in the following polite manner:
  • Sorry but I don't accept adverts as of this time...
  • Taking a holiday, not taking adverts as of this time... (but seen quite a handful of ads up and running till forever, ehem!)
  • Some problems, apply again if needed (Sorry but I am not applying for a job!)
  • Sorry but can't accept your ad, your blog does not belong to my category (Hmmm, resonable enough...)
  • Planning to make some changes on my blog, won't be accepting ads for quite some time.. (Ok! Fine! )
I am trying to figure out if the reasons given were valid and reasonable enough for one to decline an attempt of ad purchase. But with the way EC works, there is very little excuse rejecting an ad. Except when one blog's avatar is pornograpchic or it is an identified SPLOG, that is.

I will relate to you my experience with one EntreCarder. I attempted to purchase a slot in her blog worth 512. I got denied. She reasoned out she will be out for a holiday. That is fine by me. But I actually saw that ads have been running endlessly on her EC widget.

It's OK. No Problem.

A few months after, I forgot I was denied once and unknowingly placed my purchase again in that particular blog. I got declined for the second time. She sent me an explanation telling me there's nothing wrong with my blog. The reason this time she's declining my attempt of purchase is that my blog doesn't relate to hers. But I checked the ad that's up and running at the time, it doesn't belong to her own category either! Well, I don't really know what's wrong with my blog but I can't help but think it's something personal or something more than that! She never drops her card for this blog but I can see her dropping in my other blogs specifically in my new fashion blog The Certified Fashionable Chic. She must be unaware the owner of this blog and that fashion blog is one and the same!

Rejecting a purchase for no good reason at all is like refusing to promote a fellow EntreCarder's blog, which makes me think of some degree of apathy and mediocrity. While it's true that everyone can opt to reject an ad but let us always put ourselves in other people's shoe. I am sure you wouldn't be too happy if you were the one declined yourself! The reasons behind the decline can be authentic or not but whatever such reasons, when one declines an advert I can only conclude that the EntreCarder is not willing to establish a good relationship.

Now with EntreCard adding more features in the system such as giving RECOMMENDATIONS to one particular blog, I will now write recommendations to each and every blog that will approve my advert purchases. There were so many blogs that have given me huge number of hits in the past but I failed to even send them a Thank You note for accepting my purchase.

I think it's never too late to give recognition to where it is due.

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Best Buys

I have been boasting of the lovely dresses I had acquired online. They were up for sale a few weeks back. I grabbed them on the first opportunity I've got. I placed my maximum bid in the last few ticks. And I was lucky enough to have won them from one and the same seller. That meant very little cost on the shipping. I so love the dresses! At first look, I knew right then and there the measurements will suit me perfectly!
I so much appreciated the seller because she was so prompt in replying to my queries. I have had informed her of some concerns on the handling fee and regarding the measurements. She was so easy to deal with.
The first item was a smock dress with lining. It was a sexy dress that fits me so right!

The second item is a black tierred dress with smocking on the chest area.

Now with these beautiful and sexy acquisitions, my problem lies on my scar which, as you all know, is located on my knee. Some scabs are now slowly detaching itself from the wound and I can see the scar is very evident and whitish. I don't know how I will be able to use these pretty dresses, and I am not too sure If ever I will be able to wear them at all. The scar had surely made my self-esteem too low.

Any suggestions for the best treatment of scar removal will be highly appreciated!


Free Tickets for the David Pomeranz Concert and Some Updates...

Do you remember the contest I've joined a few weeks back for the David Pomeranz concert? Well, unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it. But I feel so glad and ecstatic when the Bariles man himself declared that all non-winning entries are entitled of two (2) tickets for the concert!

Isn't that great?

Though I wasn't personally present when the tickets were awarded today at Grab-a-Crab Coffee Club 101 and Restaurant, I felt giddy with the thought of finally being able to watch David Pomeranz LIVE in concert for FREE ;-)

I wasn't the lone person excited for this big event come Valentines Day. My mother has been ceaselessly asking me of a ticket for that special Kalilangan Presentation, the city's Foundation Anniversary. Well, your wish is granted mother dearie! We have two seats available at the courtside ;-) My co-worker Star of The Maiden's Testimony and her daughter Lollii of My Kawaii Life also got their own tickets. Oh, man! I am just too excited for this special night. I just hope my wound would be OK by then and I wouldn't be limping so as not to spoil the night.
After exactly five days of getting wounded in my brother's bicycle, the scab is getting dry each day. At least there is some improvements. But I still can't walk straight and I am reporting for work everyday wearing skirts because it's just too ouchy to wear jeans and slacks. Today, I actually went to the dermatologist but she wasn't around. Her clinic assistant informed me that she has the same wound in her leg a few weeks ago also from riding the bike and she dived into the drainage. Her situation was even worse! So I wasn't the only one, huh!

I am so much grateful to the commenters of my previous written article, Lainy's Wounded and Bruised Up. I value all your very helpful suggestions and THANKS SO MUCH for your concern and for wishing we well.

They are the following:

First commenter for this post...


Lainy's Wounded and Bruised Up

I feel sore. The abrasions I got from the little accident I got involved myself with last night made my feeling terrible. I can hardly move. But I still was able to report for work for half a day but actually did nothing there for the fear that someone might touch my knee and they could hear my screaming "Ouccccccccch"! I got myself isolated. And in the afternoon, I decided to just stay  home because the pain was intolerable.
Well, everything went so sudden last night. I was actually in bed ready to hit the sack when I heard my mother exclaiming: "Oh, the bike is here, we can do a little exercise..." Mind you, it was already thirty minutes before midnight. Prior to seeing the bike, she was already looking for it after we've arrived from the Thursday worship service. So, Lainy went out of bed, telling mother that it's already late but she said "get the bike outside where there is more space." So there I went out and rode the bike. The last time I rode a bike for heaven's sake was 17 years ago! Everything happened in a blink of an eye. I saw a big stone getting in the way so I had the bike redirected but I suddenly lost my balance. I fell to the ground hard with my knee and my arms bruised up and wounded.
When my co-workers found out how the accident happened, they were all smiling, some were even laughing. Poor me! There wasn't any ounce of sympathy just because I got wounded up from riding a bike :-( I know the wound would heal over time but I am so sure there has got to be some scars.
That's the thing I was so worried about since last night. I was actually on the look out for the best treatment for scars. But my Prince lifted my spirit up once again by telling me:
"I want the content of your heart, not the texture of your skin..."
For awhile there, I got stupefied but indeed my Prince was right. I then remembered one of my favorite quotes:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye...

Lainy would like to thank: 
for being the first commenter ;-)


I Want a New Cellphone!

I don't know if purchasing surplus items is the thing for most of you here but I could still recall when I was just ten years old when my father bought a new television set. We were too excited! But guess what? After only about two days, the television can't be turned on anymore! It turned out that the picture tube was the problem. So, it was a hopeless case if ever my father decided to have it repaired, there is a tendency that he might be spending for nothing. From then on, it's a real turn-off for us to again have a purchase on second hand items. 
Well, I think purchasing surplus items is a matter of sheer luck. For some, they actually got hold of precious items like laptops, cameras and other valuable appliances. And mind you, they are still working like brand new! 
If ever there is one surplus  item I would like to buy, it would be a cellphone. Since I am not too updated with the latest cellphone models and mine is obviously obsolete, haha! I want to have an upgrade. It wouldn't hurt to gamble on the new models from these surplus items. It's obviously cheaper to acquire surplus items than buy them at the mall.
What will make the purchase sweet and meaningful is that the money I am going to use for the purchase is from blogging! Whew! That's coming from a lot of sleepless nights and now I am going to reap the efforts I was able to put in a couple of months back!
How sweet!


Top 25 EntreCard Droppers for January 2009

In honor of The Top Droppers Day which was persistently encouraged by Graham Langdon for all EntreCard members in this Post: First Monthly Top Droppers Day Coming Up, I would like to personally thank my Top 25 Droppers for the first month of 2009. Even before a huge push for the Top Droppers Day was made by the EC admin, I have always been grateful to my fellow EntreCarders who have taken their time and effort dropping their cards in this humble blog of mine.
The month of January is a lot different because lots of surprises awaits those Top Droppers. All our efforts can now be recognized and eventually rewarded. By getting the most number of links from EntreCard members, one can have a chance to win FREE one month ad at EntreCard (first prize)- this is equivalent to $250! The second prize will be 25, 000 EC credits- $125 value! WOW! This is amazing!
Drop those cards now and have the chance of winning these awesome prizes!
Now for my Top Droppers:

Dropper# of drops
The Sewing Mom31
A Simple Life31
Mommy's Little Corner31
Everything Under the Sun31
Computer Aid31
The Ad Master31
First Door on the Left31
Prove Me Wrong31

Not too far behind are the followings blogs:

Lofty Matters
Life's sweets and spices
Holy Cuteness
Dallas Marketing Services
BRYAN KARL Everything Online
14-Year-Old Kid Tech Guru
Pinoy Web Surfer
Wishing On A Falling Star
Mr Soleh’s Outburst
The Way I See It
Marriage and Beyond
60 Were Enough

I wasn't actually able to complete 31 drops for this month. That's why I am all grateful to my regular and notorious EC droppers for never failing to drop your cards here day in and day out!

Thank You Pictures, Images and Photos

 LAINY would like to thank the first commenter for this post...
Uncle Che of AZ BLOGGING