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Birthday Wish Tag

I love taggies and memes but more often than not, I post them all at once. This time, it's hard to wait for another day to have this taggie posted. Thanks my sweet and lovely friend Mariuca of Mariuca's Perfume Gallery for thinking of me! That is so really sweet of you, Marzie!

My last birthday celebration was fun. I didn't had a particular birthday wish because I was too busy with the Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest. Aside from the virtual gifts that kept pouring in, the mighty Google was kind enough to give this blog a PR3 a few days after my birthday but was immediately taken back leaving me with a  PR2. Not too bad, hehe! The best thing of it all was the surprise birthday package sent to me by My Sayang It was sent exactly five (5) days before my big day.  What a pleasant and huge surprise that was!

Now I am keeping the ball rolling by listing down my 10 birthday wishes for this year:

  1. My Sayang's visit to the Philippines hopefully would materialise. 
  2. A boyfriend for my mother, hahaha! 
  3. A clearer vision.
  4. A healthier me, no more asthma attacks, baby!. 
  5. PR 3 across my four blogs! Wishful thinking at its best, hahaha! 
  6. A halt to this global crisis and recession. 
  7. More income for doing paid reviews. 
  8. A better,  happier, more contented Lainy, My Prince Scotty and my family. 
  9. A better Philippines( Another election coming... )
  10. A better servant of God. 

Now I want to know your own list of birthday wishes:
  1. Mystique of Mystique's Moments
  2. Gagay of Walking Newspaper
  3. Mize of Night Clicks
  4. Twerlyn of Twerlermz Blog
  5. Windmill of Windmill on the Hill
  6. Polly of Random Ramblings
  7. Race of Moments of my Life
  8. Babette of Babette's Definitely Maybe!
  9. Recel of My Written Expressions
  10. Uncle Che of Novice Master - my very good friend who shall be celebrating his 29th birthday on the 29th of February ;-)

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

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