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Top 25 EntreCard Droppers for January 2009

In honor of The Top Droppers Day which was persistently encouraged by Graham Langdon for all EntreCard members in this Post: First Monthly Top Droppers Day Coming Up, I would like to personally thank my Top 25 Droppers for the first month of 2009. Even before a huge push for the Top Droppers Day was made by the EC admin, I have always been grateful to my fellow EntreCarders who have taken their time and effort dropping their cards in this humble blog of mine.
The month of January is a lot different because lots of surprises awaits those Top Droppers. All our efforts can now be recognized and eventually rewarded. By getting the most number of links from EntreCard members, one can have a chance to win FREE one month ad at EntreCard (first prize)- this is equivalent to $250! The second prize will be 25, 000 EC credits- $125 value! WOW! This is amazing!
Drop those cards now and have the chance of winning these awesome prizes!
Now for my Top Droppers:

Dropper# of drops
The Sewing Mom31
A Simple Life31
Mommy's Little Corner31
Everything Under the Sun31
Computer Aid31
The Ad Master31
First Door on the Left31
Prove Me Wrong31

Not too far behind are the followings blogs:

Lofty Matters
Life's sweets and spices
Holy Cuteness
Dallas Marketing Services
BRYAN KARL Everything Online
14-Year-Old Kid Tech Guru
Pinoy Web Surfer
Wishing On A Falling Star
Mr Soleh’s Outburst
The Way I See It
Marriage and Beyond
60 Were Enough

I wasn't actually able to complete 31 drops for this month. That's why I am all grateful to my regular and notorious EC droppers for never failing to drop your cards here day in and day out!

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