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I have been boasting of the lovely dresses I had acquired online. They were up for sale a few weeks back. I grabbed them on the first opportunity I've got. I placed my maximum bid in the last few ticks. And I was lucky enough to have won them from one and the same seller. That meant very little cost on the shipping. I so love the dresses! At first look, I knew right then and there the measurements will suit me perfectly!
I so much appreciated the seller because she was so prompt in replying to my queries. I have had informed her of some concerns on the handling fee and regarding the measurements. She was so easy to deal with.
The first item was a smock dress with lining. It was a sexy dress that fits me so right!

The second item is a black tierred dress with smocking on the chest area.

Now with these beautiful and sexy acquisitions, my problem lies on my scar which, as you all know, is located on my knee. Some scabs are now slowly detaching itself from the wound and I can see the scar is very evident and whitish. I don't know how I will be able to use these pretty dresses, and I am not too sure If ever I will be able to wear them at all. The scar had surely made my self-esteem too low.

Any suggestions for the best treatment of scar removal will be highly appreciated!