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Here we go again.
Yet another anniversary. A celebration... not of Lainy's birthday, but the birthday of Lainy's Musings. Yeah, this blog I so much love and cherish! This blog was born on April 26, 2008. I have achieved quite a lot through this blog, in my own standards, that is. I think one good way of reciprocating is by asking my friends, relatives, visitors and readers to join me in celebrating this blog's anniversary.

The last contest held on this blog dubbed Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest was quite a success by virtue of the generous sponsors who poured in some great prizes for the contest. I considered the sponsors the LIFEBLOOD of such undertaking. I hope this time, more and more people will be willing to lend a helping hand to enable me spread the word about this anniversary and also share some aniversary love with the blogosphere.
I am too grateful some of my friends have already expressed and pledged their support in the form of Cash, EntreCard credits, domain and webhosting, three (3) Blogger shirts with accessories as freebies, Blog Lay-Out, and Free 125X125 widget exposure.
My very special friends who initially confirmed their sponsorship are the following (in no particular order):
*** 112 Blog Sponsors as of today, March 5, 2009, 12 AM.

I will be very glad to accept your show of support in this endeavor in whatever form you wish until March 5, 2009.

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
I V Y!

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