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Writer's Block

There are so many things that really comes to mind in random and I want to put them all down across my blogs. My problem is that I do not know how to start. It has always been a problem for me. Where to start, how to begin and stuffs like that. I have read quite a number of blogs blogging about writer's block. I am thinking this could be my case too right here and now! What really is working in my mind now is a compact flash memory Gosh! I can't believe I even think of that!
But interestingly, I have read somewhere that writer's block is caused by anxiety and depression. And what's very alarming is that it is said to be a chronic illness! Oh sweet heavenly! I haven't really thought of that before. I just thought of it as something like that of amnesia, hahahaha!
But anyways, I hope I wouldn't have that long-term kind of a problem. I think I just need to get in touch with the characters I would like to talk about and begin doscovering and understanding them.