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Yaman Gensan Launched!

The 6th Yaman Gensan was launched last week. The month long business event is especially created to give importance on the small and medium enterprises and will showcase the products and services of entrepreneurs. There are about 40 activities lined up for this year's business month celebration which include "8 exhibits, 21 seminars and trainings, 16 forums and conferences, and an awards night coming from different organizers of different agencies (government and non-government)". I will be joining one seminar in food processing. I want to learn how to make tocino, chorizo, and other processed kind of foods. There will also be a conduct of Lechon Competition, the highlight of the 1st Livestock Conference.
Yaman Gensan aims to provide more opportunities for entrepreneurs and also to small individuals who would like to venture into business. The Local Government of General Santos is very supportive of this kind of endeavor, thus making Yaman Gensan an annual event.


Lethal Combination Results: Pacquiao Beat Diaz in Round 9 Via Knockout!

As earlier predicted by Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao wins the Lethal Combination fight against David Diaz via a knockout in round 9. Indeed, Pacquiao didn't fail his trainer's expectations as well as the entire Filipino nation and the rest of the Filipinos around the world who has been rooting for him all through out. Pacquiao proved one more time that he is no ordinary champion. His detractors have all every reason to shut up and celebrate with his victory. Manny Pacquiao is the new WBC Lightweight Champion. He made history being the first Asian boxer who has conquered 4 titles in 4 different divisions. Today's fight made Pacquiao the world's no. 1 pound for pound boxer.
The Lethal Combination fight against David Diaz undoubtedly and truly belonged to Pacquiao. A few months before the fight, there were talks that this fight is a mismatch favoring Diaz. But when I saw the first round, Diaz just couldn't keep up with Pacquiao's hand speed. His punches were a sure killer! Diaz obviously was feeling the pain all throughout. Pacquiao was throwing punches all over his body. Diaz was dripping blood and just couldn't hit Pacquiao back. As early as round 2, blood was already visible in Diaz' right eye. It's been an open target for Pacquiao to relentlessly attack and the world-class boxer was unstoppable. He capitalized on his opponent's misery until Diaz succumbed to Pacquiao's deadly punches. After Pacquiao battered Diaz with so much intensity, he finally was able to floor him down in round 9.
With all due respect to Diaz, I'm all hats off to him for playing with a big heart. He is such a good sport and a true gentleman. He obviously has the heart of a true champion!
To Manny and to the entire Filipino nation, congrats! You have made all the Filipinos proud worldwide!


Warning by Entrecard to Quick Drop Pages or PowerDrop Pages


I received an email today from Entrecard team issuing a warning of account deletion for members who are operating "Quick Drop Pages" or otherwise known as PowerDrop. These pages are identified by Entrecard and are advised to take down the Quick Drop pages before July 1.
Since I started dropping Entrecards to other members seriously, I have encountered a number of blogs that showed only the Entrecard widget. There is no blog content at all. I just shrugged it off thinking that it's their style to make loading of pages easier and dropping of Ecards smoother. But since Entrecard is banning these sites starting July 1 for reasons of network de-valuation, all Entrecarders must be made aware that not only those sites that contains PowerDrops are warned but all members in its entirety. We have to make sure we don't drop to Quick Drop Pages or else, penalties will be incurred. This is called illegal Entrecard dropping. Yes! There is such a thing as "illegal" here in the blogosphere.
There is still no better way to blog than with a clear conscience, getting everything done in all honesty, not by creating schemes to gain credits in a very quick but illegal manner.