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Bye 2008, Hello 2009!

With only two more hours left before we bid goodbye to 2008 and say hello to 2009, let me ponder, reflect and count my blessings for the year that was. Each and everyday of 2008 wasn't all too blissful but there wasn't a day I haven't been grateful for the beautiful things and wonderful experiences that God gave me the chance to savor. There were so many things that I want to thank the Lord for but the space in this blog for sure wouldn't be enough. Suffice it to say that my heart is overflowing with gratefulness! God has blessed all aspects of my life in more ways than one. And for that, I return back all the Glory to HIM!


Assumption: The Mother of All Mistakes

I always go home for lunch every noon time break. Yesterday, I got home and two of my brothers are home as well. When it was almost time to go back to work, I thought my youngest brother was still asleep. The only one I saw preparing to go out was my brother next to me. So when I went out and reported back to work, I didn't locked the gate, I even didn't closed the window because I thought someone was home. I got surprised when my mother sent me SMS asking where my brothers are because no one was answering her phone calls at home. That's when I realized my two younger brothers must have gone out together without me knowing it and our home was left unlocked, the industrial knobs were useless. It happened because they didn't even say a word they are leaving, I really thought someone was home, that's what I get for assuming too much. I still never learned that assumption is the mother of all mistales. tsk! tsk! tsk!


Some of the Reasons Why More and More People Are Leaving EntreCard

I was deeply saddened by the news that a number of my Top Droppers have now made a decision to leave EntreCard for good. One of them is WorldWide Travel Blog who has been a consistent Top Dropper across my blogs for a number of months and I will absolutely miss seeing his widget in my inbox. But guaranteed, that this isn't goodbye because I will continue to visit his blog with or without the EntreCard widget in his blog.
With the increasing number of bloggers making the decision to depart from the realms of EntreCard, I have made a summary of some of the major reasons why they have come to a decisive point leaving the EntreCard community. Some of these list are picked from some popular bloggers and I will be linking up to them at the bottom of this post.

No one is ever compelled to drop 300 cards each day! But to get the best out of EntreCard, one must drop to the maximum 300 cards per blog. Many EntreCarders refused to be a slave by spending their time dropping cards and use up hours and hours of going through blogs. Once you don't have a speedy connection, it will take you forever to finish the task more so if you'll be dropping for multiple blogs. Knowing the tricks on how to drop quick in just a matter of 30 minutes would help. I have actually shared some of my Dropping Techniques in the past:
I do not know how I was able to manage dropping 1, 200 cards everyday with my 4 blogs since I also have a full time work apart from blogging but much of the credit goes to my cousin Allena of In the Eyes of the Beholder who does the dropping chores in my behalf numerous times. I personally wouldn't think this is a poorly invested time because I love getting a glimpse of other people's viewpoints and thoughts. I daresay I have quite learned a lot from other people's various ideas.
Yes, EntreCard may have failed in strictly implementing the Updated Quality Standards but since quality is subjective I can't say much on the matter. I personally love going through blogs on a wide variety of topics and categories and I can put up with anything.
Some thinks of sub par and poor quality blogs containing the following:
  1. Blogs that are nothing but paid posts- I have recently made a post out of this.

  2. Slow blogs- Yeah! A number of them takes forever to load. Please put that video off and please turn off that autoplay music! I've had enough of these blogs. Good thing I am using the No Script Add On feature so I'm not quite affected.

  3. Out of date blogs- It's quite disappointing to see numerous blogs who were able to take time dropping their cards without updating their blogs. I can see lots of them. To get a wide readership, I understand that updating ones own blog is a must.

  4. Poorly written content (grammar and spelling mistakes)- Many of the bloggers are using English as a second language. I am no exception. I am still a work in progress but English as a second language is no excuse for me not to brush up. There is always room for improvement. Some faux pas though are understandable. We just need to double our effort in learning the art of writing in a much respectable level. That is, being able to deliver a clear and comprehensible message to our visitors.

Well, if an EntreCarder is too particular of the abovementioned points, I am urging you to report blogs to the EC admin so that they can impose sanctions on those identified blogs. Notwithstanding the points earlier pointed out, I feel that blogging should be open to all levels of literacy and topics. EntreCard must be very careful in imposing sanctions though as QUALITY per se vary from one person to another.


I felt bad when I learned that one blogger particularly pointed out that one reason he is leaving the community is because of the SAHMS. I do not want to rebut him but with all due respect to the SAHMS, they are wonderful! You see, to each his own. I have high regard for them because they were able to make the most out of their time blogging aside from child-rearing and taking care of their own homes. Creating that balance is not easy. I owe them much of my traffic and majority of the good friends I have acquired from EntreCard are the SAHMS. To all of you blogging Mommies, Long Live!


Unannounced downtimes and outages is indeed very annoying! At least we deserve to know when service failure would take place ahead of time so that we can adjust. Though EntreCard have failed to send us notices for service failures umpteen of times, I have to commend them for upgraded and better service.

EntreCard is a free advertising site. We are suppose to get traffic via the 125 x 125 slots we have purchased from other blogs. But since the price of advertising for popular blogs is too much for an ordinary member to afford, the ordinary members are drowned in the sea of active EC power users who were able to take advantage of the system. Added to this is the "drop and run" phenomenon where blogs don't really get long term traffic. I can't say much about this but since EntreCard, this blog's traffic had gone up to 100K plus and I couldn't have done it if not for EntreCard.


One of the things that triggered some members to leave was Graham's decision in deleting some popular members from the system. Turnip of Power, one of my Top Droppers, have been deleted for using Twitter. Quite a number of members now think that is such a crappy and silly decision from the management. ENTRECRAP as they have called it should have known better. Does Graham believe in second chances? Is a second chance being asked?

To Be Continued...


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Banned From EntreCard for Using Twitter

My 2 Short-Term Courses

Last year, I enrolled in short-term courses. I was so enthralled in getting my skills honed. I have actually finished two short courses: Baking and Hot Cook Kitchen. Well, I was able to hurdle three months of going to school in each classes. Classes are only during weekends though. I was able to manage going to school despite the two major elections conducted last year.
After getting my certificate of completion for Baking in December 2007, I planned of getting another course in Hairdressing. I just wanted to know the basics in beauty jobs and salon jobs. I know for a fact that esthetician jobs are in demand this days. My reason for wanting to take a short course was more of personal- just simply to learn things my own way and hopefully, when I become an expert, derive additional earnings from it. Our neighbor have actually put up their own salon after graduating in her short term course. She is an expert in doing nails, hair treatments and the like. Now her salon is getting bigger and attracting lots of clients.
Now with the advent of technology, getting a job outside the Philippine shores is a lot easier. is a website for salon people industry. It is a website which helps people to acquire jobs because job opportunities are being posted at their website for three months for only $29! Great, isn't it? I might just pursue this course when I decide to lie low a bit from blogging ;-)

The Noblesse Oblige Award

It's great to be back after 3 long and agonizing days of being away from my own PC! And what a way to welcome me back by getting a hold of this beautiful Noblesse Oblige Award courtesy of Windmill. Thanks so much, Windy! You always make my blogging experience sweet and meaningful!

This Award is presented to bloggers who display consistency in any one or a combination of these conditions:

  1. The Blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervades amongst different cultures and beliefs.
  2. The Blog contents inspire; strives to encourage and offers solutions.
  3. There is a clear purpose at the Blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economic, the Arts, Culture and Sciences and Beliefs.
  4. The Blog is refreshing and creative.
  5. The Blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking..

The Blogger who receives this award will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create a Post with a mention and link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award.
  2. The Award Conditions must be displayed at the Post.
  3. Write a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved – preferably citing one or more older Post to support.
  4. The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditions.
  5. The Blogger must display the Award at any location at the Blog.

There are a quite a number of great blogger friends who truly deserves this award. In one way or another, the blogs enumerated below, in alphabetical order, have made my blogging experience worth my time and effort. Their friendly ways and all of the conditions mentioned above were met which merit them such recognition.

  1. Lollii of My Kawaii Life
  2. Elaine of Pink Hues
  3. Tricia of Proud Mommy
  4. Twerlyn of Twerlermz Blog
  5. Twinks of Twinkletoe Writing Space

The above list are the only few amongst the many blogs who are indeed deserving of such award. Feel free to grab this award and I hope you like them as much as I did.

To God Be the Glory!

As we are fixing things today at home, the shipping boxes that were lying beside the computer table caught my attention. I knew I can't afford to just throw them all away. Why? I have been instructed by my Prince to keep all things that will serve as proof later. Since we are in a long distance relationship, all proofs online and packages that were sent our way will be very important things to show that indeed we have a relationship and is not bogus.
That being said, I am so looking forward for 2009. I know it will be the year for me and my Prince, with God's mercy. We already have waited a long time for things to materialise and now we are just too excited. I hope God hear our prayers and grant the realialization of our aspirations. I am very positive God won't forsake me and my Prince! He has always sided with us and never left us since day one.
To God be the glory! 


Blogging at a Public Internet Cafe

internet cafe Pictures, Images and Photos
It's not the usual reason you hear from me everytime I am blogging at the public internet cafe. I would usually lambast my ISP in the past for internet connection failures but as of late, I haven't encountered much problems. They are a lot faster and the service is getting a lot better. They haven't given me any headaches for the last three months or so.
Until this morning. When I woke up at 4AM, I immediately headed to my desktop and turned it on. But to my dismay, the PoE adaptor for SmartBro canopy failed to function. I felt so disappointed! I have immediately filed a complaint at the SmartBro Center nearest our place and unfortunately, they ran out of supply of PoE and it would take them about a week or so to find for a replacement! My initial reaction was: "Whaaaaaaaaat????GOSH! " It's like forever for me!
Well, I couldn't do anything about it because its a circumstance beyond my control. All I need to do now is stretch my patience and wait. Indeed, patience is a virtue and it requires a lot of waiting, sigh!
Public cafes are a lot different compared to the comfort of our own homes. In here, you can not hide from the prying eyes of the other users. In short, there is no privacy. It's very noisy, too. Good thing the one I chose prohibits the playing of online games and accepts clients for internet usage only. Another thing with cafes is that I can't stand up whenever I want to get a drink or just even go to the toilet. Of course, I would want to make the most out of my stay here as I will be paying it per hour.
Having said all that, nothing can still beat the luxury of getting online in the comfort of our own homes. I can't wait to have my connection back anytime soon.
To all my regular droppers, please bear with me. I have requested my cousin Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder to look after my blogs and do the dropping chores in my behalf. She will do her best to return all your drops. I owe her so much!
Thank you all for your continued visits. I hope you never get tired swinging by this humble blog of mine. Got to go. Until you hear from me blogging in our own home ;-)


Face Painting as a Profession

Face Painting is a fast rising trend that too many people find very unique and attractive. It is what they call art. For the most part, artists who are inclined to doing face paint can find it a very fun activity not to mention rewarding if they are going to get serious in this kind of craft and consider this as a profession. Well, it won't be a problem especially for neophytes because a DVD is now available fo them to see the basics and more face painting designs to choose from. My brothers know some friends who are into face paintings as a profession. They love their craft and are doing their best to hone it to the best of their abilities.


Win a Free Web Hosting for Your Wordpress Blog: More Prizes at Stake!

I so love to have a Wordpress-powered blog. But my lack of knowledge on the complexities of Wordpress features prevented me from acquiring one. When my friend Uncle Che offered to do some Wordpress tutorials, I can't help but feel ecstatic! I was all fired up in purchasing my own domain! What made it all the more exciting was when a good friend of mine in the person of Kuya Jessie, blog owner of Technology Talks invited me to join his contest for me to have the opportunity to Win a Free Web Hosting for my Wordpress Blog. And here's more! Apart from the Free Domain Hosting, I can also have the chance to win cash and EntreCard Credits. Isn't that exciting?
That being said, I would like to encourage you all to join this contest. You can actually participate in two (2) simple ways: by being a CONTESTANT or by merely just a VOTER. Yes guys! I will be needing your votes here as winners shall be determined by POPULARITY. If you have multiple blogs, so much the better. And if one of your friends have already joined, you still can vote for them and for ME as well using your other blogs.
May it be noted that the two blogs who voted for the 2 participants in the example mentioned above are owned by one and the same person, IVY. She was able to vote for our friend Twerlyn without leaving me out as well. What I would like to point out here is that if one has multiple blogs and more than one of his friends have participated in the contest, he still can show support to all his friends by voting for them using all his blogs.
Here are some of the contest MECHANICS:
  1. RSS Subscription
  2. Blog Posting
  3. Encourage Readers thereby earning points.
  4. Convert your readers to become contestants (It's YOU reading this post, hopefully, hehe!)
  5. Deadline for submission of entry is December 15.


  1. Blog Posting
  2. Deadline of submission of entry for voters is on December 30, 5PM.


  1. FREE Wordpress-only blog hosting for 1 year with 1500MB web space plus unlimited monthly bandwidth. Domain is not included as prize though.
  2. CASH Prizes for top 3 winners:

1st Prize: $25 (via Paypal) + 2,000 Entrecard credits

2nd Prize: $15 (via Paypal) + 1,500 Entrecard Credits

3rd Prize: $10 (via Paypal) + 500 Entrecard Credits

Five (5) voters shall also be chosen amongst all VOTERS which shall be randomly selected and receive $10 each (via Paypal) plus 500 EntreCard credits.

Now let's start the ball rolling! Make your own entry now and have a chance to win!


TV Lifts

When our old TV wasn't anymore working last year, my Prince was so generous because he bought us a new one. It was because he wanted to satisfy my passion for watching basketball games. I was very happy! Two weeks ago when our fridge acted up, he also suggested we buy a new one but I was telling him we need not purchase a new one and jsut have the old one repaired. True enough, it is working now after a minor repair on the freon. I also decided to have our old TV checked and it is also working now, hehe! Now we have two televisions! How is that? Well, I am thinking of buying tv lifts in the kitchen where the other TV is placed. That way, it is permanent and safe.

My Fourth Blog: The Certified Fashionable Chic

In September, the thought of coming up with a fourth blog was very tempting but I wasn't too adamant. Updating three blogs regularly is already too impossible for me to accomplish, how much more adding one more blog in my cap? That's too much for me to handle! But since the setting up of the new domain was made possible by my very good friend Uncle Che of AZ Blogging and the blog theme was masterfully done by the artistic hands and brilliant mind of a pretty and sexy friend of mine, Ivy of the Designer's Chic, I had no choice but to eventually accept the given fact that indeed, my fourth blog is already up and running.
So a fashion blog it shall be.
Though I am a person who dressses up for comfort, it isn't too bad to dress both for comfort and for fashion, right? Hehe! I owe Ivy a lot not only for the blog's layout but for the blog's name as well. When I was about on the verge of giving up and wanted to hit my head because I coudn't come up with a nice title for the new blog, Ivy came to the rescue, as always.
I want so many things featured in my fashion blog but time constraints or simply the lack of it made it a little impossible for me to do what I want.
When I made my first post for my fourth blog in September, I said:

"This blog shall be a niche for glamoruous gals like me who wants to know the latest craze and trends in fashion, apparels, some beauty tips, and a whole lot more. This blog shall especially talk about how a girl can be trendy and glamorous. I am a little apprehensive though I wouldn't be able to update this blog more frequently but I will try my very, very best..."

I still haven't been true to my words. Not so much beauty tips, not so much posts on fashion crazes and trends. I' ve only made 15 posts in that blog since September. Not too many huh! Updating 4 of my blogs after a long day's hard work is keeping me so mentally drained! Good thing my good friend Polly of Random Ramblings helped me out in giving me ideas on what to write for my blog. She even went as far as scanning all fashion mags available and she sent them all to me for me to be able to post them in my blog. I appreciated so much her gesture!
I still have to live up to the blog's title- The Certified Fashionable Chic. It's still a far cry from what I really want to happen. Hopefully, with it's second layout (courtesy of Ivy) since its conception, I will be more inspired and motivated to update it more often.
Please take note of the The Certified Fashionable Chic's previous and current EntreCard widgets:
Previous EntreCard Widget
The Certified Fashionable Chic

NEW EntreCard Widget

Certified Fashionable Chic


The Family's Baby

It is an open book that I have an asthma attack. But that didn't prevented us from having a pet at home. Oh how we so love our puppy! He is actually the family's baby. Though he is only a street dog, we treat him like a member of our family. We are so attached to him the moment we laid eyes on him. He is a very kind dog and we can feel he loves his masters. His name is Budotz. I often call him Baby Budotz. My mother is so attached to him. When he fell ill in December of last year, my mother was nagging me in going to the City Veterinarian and ask for some pet supplements. Good thing it was just a simple cold. Budotz is fine now. I can hear him playing outside. I know in a while he will knock on our door and would want to come inside ;-) 


Another Milestone

Today is no ordinary day for me and my Prince. It's the day we've both vowed to care and love each other. We were able to nourish the relationship eventhough distance has been a barrier for the two of us. But this barrier has served as a powerful block that we both were able to conquer for twenty three months and still counting. Our inner strengths and devotion and love for each other have been put to a test but indeed, true love is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversities. If it is genuine, it will grow stronger with each assault.
I know there will be more assaults to come but I know we both can make it through until my Prince and I will be finally be face-to-face. With God's grace, everything will be all worth the wait.



My cousin Ally is planning to go home and celebrate the New Year with us here in Mindanao. I have heard she purchased a new luggage. That is how excited she is in finally coming home again. I wonder if she was able to purchase Rimowa. It is guaranteed to be the best of its kind in giving out the best and quality luggages to its clientele. Satisfaction is 100% assured. I highly recommend Rimowa to all of you who are planning to have your vacations or business trips.

Dream Match Result: Pacquiao Makes History as He Lords Over De La Hoya Via TKO!

The Dream Match is no longer a dream. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Oscar "Golden Boy" De La Hoya made this dream a reality. But in every fight, there is only one victor. Pacquiao, the 29-year-old five-division world champion tried to make history yet again and succeeded. He shocked the world when he beat Oscar De La Hoya in the 8th round of the fight via a technical knock-out.
Who would have thought Pacman would make it? He is undersized. Before the scheduled epic match, many things have been thrown against him and many did not believe that he can beat the American- Mexican fighter. There was a heavy anticipation for majority of the boxing fanatics that this match will go in De La Hoya's favor. Pacquaio was considered to be the underdog. But Manny proved them all totally wrong! Pacquiao's detractors have undermined his pound-for-pound power.
As the two fighters sized each other up in the beginning rounds, it was obvious that De La Hoya was a little bit more tensed. Pacquiao took advantage of the situation and attacked De La Hoya to the frenzy of his cheering fans. The world was surprised to see a much speedy and strong Pacquiao.
In the 5th round, it became obvious that De La Hoya had a hard time finding his target. His face began to redden from the punches thrown his way by Pacquiao. De La Hoya's punches can no longer connect. Pacquiao's aggressiveness gave him the edge on the score cards landing more punches than De La Hoya much to the surprise of the cheering crowd.
In the 7th round, De La Hoya was still struggling, missing miserably from connecting his punches, he just can't find a steady target in Pacquiao. While Pacquaio, on the other hand, was up on his feet causing a puff in De La Hoya's left eye. His left hands kept penetrating De La Hoya's body. Pacquiao's execution was almost perfect!
In the 8th round, it was very evident that Pacquiao's speed was a killer. De La Hoya can no longer keep up with him. He was all too bothered by the punches and jabs given him by Pacquiao and he became obviously sluggish. Pacquiao was declared the winner after the 8th round via technical knock out when the fight had to be stopped because De La Hoya gave up! He accepted his defeat graciously which is a mark of a great sportsman and a true champion.
The fight clearly manifested Pacquiao's speed was able to neutralize De la Hoya's size.
Pacquiao is now a legend in the boxing world. He was able to assert his supremacy inside the ring. He was all up for the challenge and his sheer heart to win the fight made everything possible apart from the skills that he worked on very hard during his training. He deserves all the credits and accolades- a fighter with a BIG heart. He carried the Filipino's name in his shoulders and indeed, he made all of us proud!
Pacquiao's victory made me all the more proud to be one of the Generals.
Congrats MONEY, oh, MANNY I mean, hehe!


Height Versus Weight

Are you getting desperate with your unwanted fats? Have you been on the look out for effective fat burners for you to lose a few pounds? Well, fret no more! I was on the same position last year when my weight grew out of proportion. As you know it, I do not have the height to flaunt so I better have a weight that is proportioned with my height. Apidexin was the answer to my predicament. It is the best and ideal fat burner for people like us who is very particular with thebest ingredients and money back warranty. They have it all in one package! Is it not great?


When All Your Posts Are Nothing But Paid Posts

I am one of the many bloggers who is enjoying one of the countless perks of blogging- getting paid to blog. When I first came to blog, it's primarily because I want to express and not to impress. Then came the companies who were able to lure me with a few bucks by writing for them. Indeed, it became a huge motivation for me to stay infront of my PC longer hours than necessary. And why not? I get to earn dollars by just writing a few words.
I am FOR paid blogging but while I get to enjoy the monetary aspect of it, we must admit that it also has its downsides.
Though I have always believed and emphasized that quality is subjective, content is still KING. When one gets to write a post with a couple of paid links for advertisers and there's a need to beat the deadline, the tendency is for one to be in a hurry and just write in random, include the needed links, hit the publish button and get paid. That's all there is to it. I admit I am guilty as charged. Sometimes I even forget that there is a certain ratio needed for paid reviews versus personal posts- 1:2 is ideal. It's hard to do it especially when one has multiple blogs (like me). I admit I can only manage to have one (1) interim post after each paid reviews.
What's striking here, and frustrating I must say, is that we can see a LOT of blogs where every post is a paid post. Some even don't write an interim post when there is no new assignment at hand. In my opinion, it will hurt our blog if we do that more often. Just take for instance this blog. It was ranked 3 by Google a couple of weeks back. When I grabbed assignments from one identified affliate for a week, my Page Rank dropped to 2. Why am I not surprised at all? I know Google is a little unpredictable but the heck with Page Ranks!
Now going back to paid posts, I do not know the technical consequences of it, but personally, seeing blogs bombarded by paid links is rather dismal. I always take more than three (3) hours a day dropping cards on blogs, reading and commenting. I admit there are a few blogs where I do the "drop and run" phenomenon. I am sorry but your posts must be bombarded with paid links. If it's any consolation at all, majority of the blogs I get to spend more of my time are those that are very interesting to me and they are all worth spending my time.
I don't want to cease being a passionate blogger. I truly enjoy the REAL perks of blogging and that is free speech. I can get to write whatever comes to mind in random, paid post or not. I don't want to disappoint my visitors when they take time to visit my blogs and all I can offer are paid links. I don't want to steal your time and waste it by letting you know that my advertisers have become my master. Though I don't write for an audience, I feel I should be responsible for whatever things I write because I am involved in some communities where I am inviting my fellow bloggers to visit my blogs (EntreCard, MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, etc.).
While it's true that most of us are paid to blog, a lot of bloggers have quite forgotten that personal posts should be written by REAL people. Some bloggers tend to plagiarize just for the sole purpose of breaking the monotony by writing paid reviews. Bloggers must exude prudence and decency to give credit to where it is due when quoting or copying someone's work. We can not always undermine our reader's intelligence more so fool them in believing that we are such a great writer. We are not fooling them but we are only fooling ourselves!
As what, Tony Feriozzi, Payu2Blog support staff warned and I quote:
"What I have run into a few times now is a blog full of 60 word posts with links, all paid and nothing else. That blog, if thats all it is, will eventually not get assignments. So do your best to do some real posts on your blogs if you aren't already, it will be better for you and us. "
Let us all remember that with blogging comes responsibility. And blogging is not about how articulate and eloquent we are as a writer. It's about the effort we put in by writing down our OWN thoughts, generating pleasure just by doing it and how we convey every message we wanted relayed to our readers (if there's any, hehe!).


Las Vegas, Here I Come!

Who wouldn't want a vacation and shopping spree at Las Vegas and get to stay at a las vegas hotel? Well, it just made me thinking. I have heard one contest over the radio and the major prize which lures the active participation of the listeners is a free trip to Las Vegas. It sounded so convincing that I would try my luck in joining myself. Well, I hope I will be very lucky and get the grand prize.
Wait for me, Vegas! ;-)

Be One of the Dropaholics Like Me!

Have you heard of yet? If not, better have a check on the site. The site was brilliantly thought of and developed by Gregory Matthews of He Likes to Rant. Sounds familiar?
Look at his EntreCard widget below and click the image and you will be taken to his site:
Web Blog of Greg Matthews

I have just learned of the Dropaholics site when I read Greg's post on How to Become a Dropaholic yesterday. Curiously, I tried to follow all his instructions and submitted this blog to the system. But to my surprise, it's already in the system ranking at no. 17 yesterday and my other blog, Our Journey to Forever, is also in the system! I have added my third blog, Kuerdas, and amazingly, all my 3 blogs are now in the Top 100 Dropaholics! I was very happy! My dropping efforts were recognized!
Upon checking today, this blog climbed up to rank # 11!
The rankings change from time to time though depending on the number of drops made on your top droppers.
I can do many things from I can generate a widget code wherein I can opt to display in my blog the following:
  1. Top Dropaholics on my Blog
  2. Blogs I am Dropaholic On
  3. Top Dropaholics Over-all
One of the cool features I like from the site is that I can opt to choose what to display in my blog. It can be the blog's title, both blog's title and widgets or just the blog's badges.
If you are one of my notorious regular droppers and your blog isn't in the list of dropaholics yet, better submit your blog immediately for monitoring. As you will notice, my Top 10 droppers who are Dropaholics are already in place in the left sidebar of this blog. The system shall automatically crawl your top droppers and your rankings shall be made known. No need to upload your top droppers' badges to Photobucket anymore as they will be automatically crawled up by the system.
And here's more! You don't need to drop the maximum 300 cards to be included in the ranks of dropaholics. You can well establish your position by consistently dropping on blogs of your interest and consequently. they shall in turn reciprocate your drops and even read your posts and comment on them.
I have high hopes in Dropaholics. Why not be one of us now?


Best Item for Dropaholics

I own a magnetic anklet because I often get my feet sore. But one item I would so love to acquire is a magnetic bracelet. I think it will do me good especially because my wrist and my arms are overworked from the dropping chores daily, haha! Though I have a wrist pad for protection, a magnetic bracelet would be best because it offers helpful magnetic therapy. Aside from that, there are numerous styles to choose from. I would love the cuff style which is made of stainless steal. I can't wait placing the purchase and use the bracelet that has magnetic power ;-)

A Peek at the Post-Election Evaluation & Strategic Planning Seminar-Workshop

Finally, the long and exhausting week is over! The past week has been a grueling one. My co-worker, Ate Vilma and I need to get things done for the Post-Election Evaluation and Strategic Planning Seminar-Workshop. Sending out the invitation letters, preparing the program and other logistics for the said activity is taxing. We carry the burden in making the seminar organized and successful.
Fortunately, the seminar-workshop was met with a favorable response from the participants who were composed of the representatives from the Department of Education, Philippine National Police, Department of the Interior and the Local Government, PPCRV, Local Government Unit of General Santos City and the Commission on Elections. The said government entities and non-government organization plays a very vital role in the conduct of the electoral process so that the Filipino electorates up to the grassroots level can exercice their rights to suffrage.
The seminar aimed of further knowing and internalizing the different government agencies' role, especially those offices who were deputized by the COMELEC in delivering their mandated power. The activity also enabled the participants to come up with a clear-cut goal for the upcoming 2010 elections through the effective facilitation of an expert consultant from a non-government organization.
The 2-day activity is the first of its kind in the region wherein the previous 3 major elections- May 14, 2007 National & Local Elections, October 29, 2007 Synchronized Barangay & Sangguniang Kabataan Elections and August 14, 2008 ARMM Automated Elections- were evaluated. The agencies concerned were able to identify their respective strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. They were also able to name the hinderng and facilitating factors in delivering their respective duties to their constituents. All these were made possible by the conduct of different workshops where the Technology of Participation (TOP) was clearly utilized.

Some snapshots in the seminar:


Dust, Dust, Go Away!

We live in a subdivision where the dust makes it so difficult for us to live everyday. It triggers asthma attacks. The need for steam cleaners makes it very necessary. I was able to find one site online where they offer various selections at a very affordable prices. And the catch is that they offer free shipping! Is it not great? Now I really need to save enough amount for me to have these items. It will be worth every penny.


Thank You, Windmill!

DO click the 125 X 125 image
Windmill on the Hill is a very special blog to me. I always forget how tired I am from a day's hard work everytime I get to visit this blog owned by no less than the good-natured Windmill. It's like an addiction. After waking up from a deep slumber, usually at around 3 a. m., his blog is one of those few I take a peek at. He never ceases to inspire me and he keeps plastering a smile on my face. I still haven't forgotten the candy bar he gave me on November 9. That was too sweet of you, Windy! And I so love the name you gave me. LAINY BELLE sounds cute, isn't it?

When I was frequenting his blogs, I have noticed I wasn't in his Dynamite Droppers at first. After a few days, I made it to the Top 3 and now, my other blog Kuerdas made it to his Top 10! Well done, Lainy Belle!
The primary reason why I never let a day pass without visiting his blog, aside from dropping my cards, is because I know he has always something to offer- a word of inspiration, information, wisdom and humor. And mind you, he can write too many posts in a matter of minutes. And last night, I got home a little late and too tired from a long day's preparation for today's Seminar-Workshop, I left him a message telling him that I still managed to walk through his blog although I was dead tired. When I went back to say goodnight, my jaw dropped in amazement when I saw a wheelchair waiting for me, hahaha! That didn't stopped me from laughing my heart's out!

Thank you so much, Windy for always keeping my day bright and lovely! Stay healthy and diabetes-free always!



To Buy or Not to Buy

My Prince got a new set of home theater seating a couple of months back. I had a glimpse of it when my Prince took some photos for me to see. Mummy Carol loved it so much! They got it at a very affordable price. This made me think of buying a new one for our own home. But then, I have only bought ours in 2006 and I think it is very impractical for us to spend on things like that. As long as it serves the purpose, we will have to make do with our own set at home.


The Long-Awaited Beachcapade Pics

On November 14, we headed off at one of the exclusive resorts here in the city (night swimming at noontime, hahaha!) . It was to celebrate my Tita's birthday and at the same time, my cousin Michelle a.k.a. Mystique's homecoming. We had a terrific time enjoying the clear water of the beach and the breathtaking view. It was one of those rare occasions where once again our family gathered together to enjoy and have fun. Indeed we had fun! And I have these photos to show off, hehe! I only got some of the photos a couple of days ago from my pretty cousin Michelle.

With Pretty and Sexy Cousin Michelle Joy a.k.a Mystique of

With My Tita, the birthday celebrant, and her daughter, Michelle


Adults Should Be Accompanied By Children

When I was a kid, we often go to a children's park after the Children's Worship Service every Sundays. I always take pleasure in having the chance to play with other children. This is only the chance that I could get to play along with them so we often delay ourselves in going home and always take time to play. Just beside our church, there is also a church of different sect that has a children's playground complete with swing sets and other play items that we always take pleasure playing with. We have been contented going there every Sundays. That was before, hehe! Good thing the children of the recent times can now enjoy playing in a true playground through the newly built children's playground here in the city which is now made open for the public.
There is only one rule though.
Adults can come inside the playground as long as they are accompanied by children ;-)

Thank God for a Lover like Uncle Che (Part 1)

I am Neba Noela Buwah, Uncle Che’s naughty baby. I mean the big type of baby who is almost 25yrs old; the one who loves him very much. The one who is nothing without him. Whenever I look up at the heavens, I ask God "what did I do to deserve him and his love?"

On our fourth love-anniversary, he posted a story about us on this blog. I guess you all have been wondering where I have gone to and why I am not saying anything. Actually, I posted a comment and promised to tell my own part of the story. It is quite long, so I will make it two parts.

I knew Uncle Che a long time ago as a friend of my elder sister. They were attending the same secondary school in the village while I was in town. I met him twice in our house when I came for the weekend and my sister introduced him to me. I wasn’t paying attention. When my sister and I moved to another town (Buea) about 5 years later to pursue university studies (in the University of Buea), she and Che were still good friends and they occasionally paid each other visits. He was a very shy boy and whenever he came to visit and my sister wasn’t in, he would just stand at the door, leave a message for her, and the next second, he was gone. I didn’t notice him only for being shy. I knew he was calm and very intelligent. Hmmm, most women would fall for that, but believe me I never had any extraordinary thoughts about him. My last relationship was a failure and lasted just a few months, so, I wasn’t ready to go in for another heartbreak.

I got to know Che better in one association called BASA (Bafut Students’ Association). That was an association made up of University students from our village. Since we were both from the same village, we automatically were members. He was (and still is) a talk of the association. He was very influential. Very hardworking and always giving very bright ideas on how the association should run. Almost everyone liked and praised him.

Unfortunately, for me, I started liking him when he was about leaving for a while. After the second semester, of his second year in the university (my first year), he suspended education for financial reasons. He was not too broke to continue education. He just had to give it up for a year so he could properly attend to his siblings relying on him. I missed him so much for the summer holidays and the first semester of my second year when he wasn’t attending school. I was not in any relationship and I thought it was time to give another person a chance, but I never thought Che could be on my list. Why? I don’t know. I just didn’t know.

However, God has a special way of doing things. When I was traveling from Buea (the town where we study at the University) to Bamenda (our actual hometown), with my elder sister, we met Che at the bus station. We were going to spend X-Mas in Bamenda while he left Bamenda and instead came back to spend X-Mas in Buea. All of a sudden, I felt the need to spend X-Mas with him but he refused on an excuse that my family needs me for X-Mas. I was a little bit crossed and felt rejected, but when I was about going, he accepted I could come for the New Year celebrations.

He was expecting me on the 30th or 31st of December, but when I called him on the 26th informing him I will be coming on the 28th, he got curious. Why the haste? He could not understand but did his homework and found out that the 29th was my birthday. While I was preparing a surprise for him, he surprised me with a birthday present before I could even announce the occasion to him.

I started seeing Che as Mr. Right, and I wanted to go to any depth to prove that. The first test I put him through was on my birthday. I invited him home for supper at 8pm and intentionally made him stay till 1am (5 hrs). He opted to leave, but I convinced him it was too late, and that he should spend the night.

I decided to test him over and over again by asking him about twice or thrice monthly to spend the night with me in my room. Most men will not bear that type of temptation, but believe me, he passed all the tests. We spent the nights together and although some of the nights were very cold and we came close and held each other tight, we were still behaving mature and respecting ourselves. Each time I got emotional, I just asked him to stretch his right arm for me to lie on. I am sure he also got emotional because a couple of nights he asked to hold my hand while we sleep. Ha ha ha. Naughty! That’s him.
(to be continued...)


Hats Off to You, baby!

At home, the only person we rely on in fixing things up and making sure everything is in order when it comes to electricity, carpentry and  safety equipment is my youngest brother, Mark, the Kuerdas vocals. Though he is a  very easy-go-lucky type of person, you might not believe me, but when it comes to fixing things, he is the man! I don't know where he got all his skills but I am all hats off to him for being the kind of person that he is. 


One True Love

It’s been ages since I was inside the movie house. I have forgotten entirely how a movie theatre looked like and how it feels like to be inside there. But today, I get to experience that same feeling again. Since power outage was scheduled from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. here in our area, my mother and I went to the mall and decided to watch movies together.

She was thrilled to the bones because she is an avid fan of Marian Rivera and her movie with Dingdong Dantes, One True Love, is currently showing on all theaters nationwide. Mind you, she doesn’t recognize actors and actresses in recent times because she hasn’t been watching T.V. She has come to love Marian when she became an avid follower of the television soaps “Marimar” and “Dyesebel”. She was held captive by Marian’s charm and beauty.

When the soaps drew to a close, all I could hear was her inquisitive mind asking the following questions: “When is Marian going to have soap again?”,Will Marian and Dingdong do a movie together?”When will Marian and Dingdong end up together as real sweethearts?” She believes that Marian and Dingdong look great together!

My mother is a famous sleepyhead. Actually, it runs in the family, hahaha! Everytime we get to watch movies, no story is ever understood because she is fast asleep and snoring!

While on our way to the theater, I was teasing her that One True Love is going to be shown next week. What’s up and running in the theaters is James Bond Quantum of Solace. She wanted to go back home. That’s when I ceased the teasing and while we were inside the movie house, she was all ears and her eyes were wide open. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen her wide awake inside the theater, hahaha!
The movie's plot summary revolved around a man's struggle in finding what true love is after he got himself involved in a vehicular accident and had amnesia as a result. Torrid kissing scenes between Marian Rivera and Dingdong and Iza Calzado and Dingdong intensified the protagonists' search for his one true love.


Electronics Blog

I am not too fond of electronics. But my youngest brother is the exact opposite. He keeps on checking out what's the latest trend in electronics blog where various high quality, large selection, and name brand home consumer electronics at discount prices are available. These electronics includes audio, video, mp3 players, cameras, computers, video games and many more! These electronics products are comprehensively arranged to help you quickly find what you are looking for. My brother loves to have all those electronics mentioned above. Oh! How I wish we are rich so that he can have them all ;-)

Stages in a Love Relationship (Part 1) - Uncle Che and Baby Noela

Reflecting on a Four-Year Relationship (Since 21st November 2004)

Baby Noela believes Lainy and I are very good friends and she is very satisfied and happy with that. She looks upon her not only as a friend, but also as an elder sister. She likes listening when I talk about her. From the lot that she has learned about her, from me, she takes her to be the ideal person she can use as reference when she gets stuck. One day, she asked me for advice and when I didn’t know what to tell her, she insisted “what do you think Lainy could have done if she found herself in my situation”?

Eh, by the way. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is Uncle Che of AZ Blogging. I was thinking of snatching Lainy’s blog today and wondered what reason I can give her, since it was supposed to be a surprise announcement and I really didn’t want to trick her. Thank God she asked if I could sometime appear here as a guest blogger, so I snatched the timely opportunity.

The good news is, Today (21st Nov 2008) makes four years of unconditional love between my fiancée (Noela) and I. Oh my God, it is our anniversary! I would like to tell all my friends and fellow bloggers how this relationship started, how it is going through all the phases of love, and what we plan for the future.

Baby Noela (Neba Noela Buwah) and I (Ferdinand Che) knew each other a very long time ago, since secondary school. I was a very good friend to her elder sister (Edith) but really didn’t get quite close to Noela herself until 29th December 2002, her birthday. We remained close and sincere friends to each other for almost a year, and throughout that period, I was in love but never realized it. Oh, maybe I did, but never wanted to believe it. Although I was once in a relationship, the whole stuff was strange to me since I never really understood what love is. As a matter of fact, I was seduced by someone and I reluctantly fell for it, but with Noela, our love just built up gradually and I never discovered it until it was ripe.

On November 20th, 2004, something strange happened, that turned the relationship from friendship to a romantic one, and later on…. Oh, maybe I am too fast, ha ha ha , slowing down a bit...

After spending the evening with Noela and giving her a goodbye hug as usual when I was about to go, I realized the hug lasted for more than it usually did. Instead of the usual quick hug that lasts just a second with my hands holding just her shoulders, I realized this hug lasted about 5 seconds with my right hand almost circling her round her back and the left round her waist. After the hug, I stared at her, straight in the eyes for almost 5 seconds again but didn’t say a word. Normally, I would allow her see me off at the gate, before I say “bye bye, see you tomorrow” but this day, things were different. I felt like finding the gate on my own and she must have been so surprised and was wondering why.

Smart girl, now, she realized there was a problem. As I walked towards the gate, she followed me behind and asked me to wait for her. When I stopped, she turned round, stood in front of me. While holding my hands, she smiled and asked me to stay a little longer if I wasn’t ready to leave yet. Staying a little longer wasn’t a problem. For the past 10 months and a few days, I spent the night in her room 2 or 3 times a month, and slept on her bed after telling each other stories and watching a romance or horror movie. Oh, I can guess what you are thinking now. Kill the thoughts, please. Nothing happened. We were just friends and we respected our status that way.

This particular day, however, the emotional atmosphere surrounding us was so tensed that I was scared if I spent the night at her place, I might have been tempted to think about, say or do things I never did before. I went in, with the intention of spending just an hour, since it was already 10pm. The noisy Uncle Che suddenly went dump, and the very inquisitive Noela, who normally would ask questions almost every minute, never asked any. I was lost. While sitting there with her, I seemed teleported to a distant ideal world where everyone just looked up to the sky, made a wish and it was granted. She asked many questions, that I never heard, but the last one was very loud and commanding, “what are you thinking about”, and instantly, without a second thought, I replied “I will tell you tomorrow”.

I made an excuse it was late and I wanted to leave, but she protested, saying she feels something is wrong and she can’t let me go in that mood. OK, now, I pretended all was normal. I put on my usual look and expression and smiled broadly at her. She insisted she would be happy if I stayed and spent the night at her place. What would you do if you were in my shoes? This is a friend I can’t afford to disappoint, so I decided to stay. That night was a very “sad” one. We didn’t exchange jokes. We didn’t watch any movie. When she went to bed, instead of her turning her back on me while I wrapped my hands round her belly, we just slept on the opposite ends of the bed without any body contact.

The next day (November 21st, 2004), Noela asked me what it was I wanted to tell her. I intended telling her I love her, and I would love to spend the rest of my life with her, but this was tough. Believe me, I had never been in that position before, so I needed all the courrage the world could offer.

When I went to work that day, my mind was very unstable. I started regreting why I didn't tell her. I gave an excuse I wasn't feeling well and asked for permission to go home. Actually, I didn't go home, but straight to Noela's place. Telling her I love her was still a problem but somehow, I had to let her know. This might not be word for word, but simillar to what I said:

Noela, we've been very good friends and I have cherished every second we have spent together. This is turning into something I never bargained for. Though turning to what I love very much, I feel it is a betrayal of everything we stood for. I won't be coming too often, but feel free to call me and let me know whenever and how I can be of help. As you can see (pointing at the clock) I am supposed to be at the job site now. I just came to tell you this. Bye, see you later.

She didn't look surprised. All she did was put on a sad face, and said:

"I understand, but I wish you stay a little longer. Since when did love become a crime, or something to shy away from? I understand how you feel. Not saying anything doesn't mean I don't feel same. A man generally should make the first move. I have been waiting for your move for 3 months".

(to be continued on

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Just Tell the Whole World About Us

Working Under Pressure

I can't imagine how I was able to get everything done last night before retiring to bed at midnight. I don't usually go to bed at midnight anymore because as early as 8 p.m., I have such drooping eyes that I can hold them off no longer. I did a total of ten (10) opportunities from three (3) different affiliates yesterday and quite a number of filler posts. While doing the bulk of writing tasks, I was also at the same time dropping cards to more than a thousand blogs. I woke up as early as 3:30 a.m. yesterday. I was already very tired from a day's work but I don't know where I got the will to finish all the assignments given to me with a sense of urgency. All the opportunities were to expire yesterday and I can't just let it slip away from my fingers again just because I wasn't able to manage my time.
Gratefully, I have managed to work under pressure. But I hate it when quality is sacrificed to make way for paid reviews. I feel like I was just writing anything that comes to mind just for the sake of posting them because there is an urgent need to post in between reviews. But I am no Superwoman. As much as I wanted to accomplish so many things in 24 hours, that is not just possible. I haven't stop wishing there's 48 hours in one day so that I could accomplish more.

I Can't Resist The Oops

I vowed never to chase opportunities at one of the affiliate programs wherein one has to do the chasing. I do not have so much patience for that. But it is a little difficult to ignore the opportunities when the chasing is no longer done and yet the tasks are made available and offered on a silver platter. There is no need to do the refresh tasks countless times anymore. And the amount is just sooo tempting! If you know what I mean, hehe! I attribute this to having an imcrease in my Page Rank. I know I can't hold on to it for much longer. I wanted to savor the moment while it lasts. I hope the blessings won't ran out that soon.



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You do not have to worry on the company's credibility and dependability. It boosts of lifetime account guarantee for all accounts purchased from them. They are also the only company that can cater to all your needs and problems as they have 24/7 customer support and service. The company takes pride in selling the WoW accounts at a very reasonable price.
What are you waiting for? Purchase an account now and be assured of the many advantages when making that once-in-a-lifetime purchase!

Resumption of the System of Continuing Registration of Voters

As an employee of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), I would like to spread the news that the continuing registration of voters for Non-ARMM shall resume via the Resolution No. 8514 which was promulgated on November 12, 2008.
The Commission shall entertain applications for the following:
  1. Registration
  2. Transfer of registration of records
  3. Reactivation and changes/ corrections of entries in the registration records/ inclusion of registration records/ reinstatement of name in the list of voters.
Date, Time and Place of Filing: The applications for registration shall be personally filed beginning December 2, 2008 to December 15, 2009, at the Office of the Election Officer (OEO) of the district/ city/ municipality where the applicant resides from Monday to Friday, during office hours at 8 o'clock a.m. to 5 o'clock p.m.
Please take note of the following schedules:

The Election Officer shall adopt a system of processing applications to speed up the registration process, minimize queuing and avoid inconvenience.


Any Filipino citizen who is:

  1. At least eighteen (18) years of age;
  2. A resident of the Philippines for at least one (1) year and in the place wherein he proposes to vote for at least six (6) months on or before the day of the election; and
  3. Not otherwise disqualified by law.


Present any of the following current identification documents that bears the applicant's photograph and signature:

  1. Employee's identification card (ID) with the signature of the employer or authorized representative;
  2. Postal ID;
  3. Student's ID or library card, signed by the school authority;
  4. Senior citizen's ID;
  5. Driver's license;
  6. NBI/PNP clearance;
  7. Passport;
  9. Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID;
  10. License issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC); and
  11. Any other valid ID.

NOTE: Community Tax Certificates (cedula) or ceritifications/ identification cards issued by barangay officials shall not be honored as valid identification documents.

SOURCE: COMELEC Resolution No. 8514

Height Versus Weight

Yes! I won't be ashamed to let you all know that I have been into diet pills last year. It lasted for two weeks. You might ask, really??? Why??? It is for the simple reason that I do not have the height to flaunt and my weight turned out to be not proportioned with my height during those period, hahaha! It was only out of desperation. But my Prince was a little worried I eventually stopped taking it after 20 capsules. Good thing it proved to be effective and I was able to see the results in just a few days of persistently taking the pill.


12 Different Types of Employees

Since the previous post "Can You Complain About Your Job?" has been talking about how a co-worker can affect an individual's day, I deemed it best to post this forwarded email from my pretty cousin Michelle a.k.a Mystique of As I Live, Laugh, And Love. This was actually forwarded to me in our own language, Filipino, but for everyone to understand, my English was put to a test by coming up with my own translations ;-)

In our superior's eyes, there are only a dozen type of employees. They are the following:

  1. CLOWNS- They are the official comedians and comediennes in the office. They have such striking one-liners that would always keep the workplace light and keep the workers awake in broad day light. According to many of the bosses, they are those who lacks attention probably because they don't have the wit or more often than not, they are actually witty but lazy.
  2. GEEKS - They don't care about the people around them. What they only care about are the papers, the boss, and computers. Even if the boss is in no the mood for some tete-a-tete, more so to talk about deadlines, the geeks are the ones who have the courage to approach the boss and try their luck changing the results of the entries and substitute the value of credit vs. debit.
  3. HOLLOW MAN - There are two types of H.M. virus: Type A at Type B. Type A are the employees who are most often invisible at work, seat usually vacant, always absent. Type B are those who reports to work but the work output is actually invisible. They are those with hollow brains, if you know what I mean...
  4. SPICE GIRLS- a group of girls who are fond of going out together but always report to work late. Arrgghh! They usually take a hold of their hairbrushes and songhits (songhits??? Is it still in? Hahaha!). If they are given tasks, they always group themselves together.
  5. DA GWAPINGS - They are the male counterparts of the Spice Girls. They are born to make pa-cute. hehe! The group is composed of only 2-3 members so each one are being noticed for their cuteness, LOL! Like the Spice Girls, their brains are full of gels.
  6. CELEBRITIES - Politicians, Athletes, Performers. Politicians are those who are more concerned with the company's status and its employees than performance. Athletes are those 'varsitarians' who are very athletic but moves too slow at work. Performers are employees who are coming to work just to sing and dance on stage during organizational day. Overall, the celebrity types are oozing with PR but they have low I.Q.
  7. GUINNESS - They are record holders when it comes to persistence. They usually lack intelligence but they are very hardworking and most of the time they are those who gets very successful in life. Very organized at work, very quick but they always commit mistakes.
  8. LEATHER GOODS - They are the employees who are determined to get what they want at all cost, by hook or by crook. They are anomalous who will try to get so close with the big boss and would always try to get their own way.
  9. WEIRDOS - They are the problematic employees, the so-called "misunderstood". They are the black sheep of the office. They have only a few friends, usually in trouble with their co-workers, they have very low evaluation and the boss's enemy.
  10. SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF RIZAL - They are the so-called Endangered Species. Straight 'A' employees but well-rounded. They are not geeks. Boss's pet but they don't work their way up by acting like a leech. They are always busy at work but they still find time for extra-curricular activities and gimmicks, ehem!
  11. BOB ONGS - They are the serious ones but lacks the know how and they oftentimes look dumb.
  12. COMMONERS - They are the generic member of the class. They lack individuality and characteristics that may leave marks in the minds of people around them. The boss won't notice them if they aren't around. As time would pass them by, they are those easily forgotten by their higher-ups and their co-workers!

There! I've completed the list, thank God! Where do you belong from among the twelve? I would like to ask my co-worker, Ate Vilma of The Maiden Testimony, what group do I belong? Speak up now, be honest, hehehe!

I am Taken Forever

It is an open book that I am into a long distance relationship. Being into one is never a walk in the park. It takes a lot of patience and patience requires a lot of waiting. I am no relationship expert but experience have taught me so much. My Prince and I is holding on strongly to our love for almost 2 years now, and everyday, the love is getting intense. There are a lot of things to keep in mind if one wants the relationship to work. And of course, keeping an open-line communication is one of the things to work on.
I admit I have been a member of some Dating Services prior to meeting my Prince but I was never a serious member. It is because I could not find the man that I truly want or shall I say God wants me to wait for the man He intends for me to have. It is very important to me that the man I would love is of the same faith. I have always been praying to God for that man to come and I just know if he is from the Father, he will enhance my faith further. It is so hard to find a man with admirable integrity, will respect me as a person and as a woman, encourage me without stiffling my creativity and a God-fearing man.
I am lucky enough to have found a steadfast, loyal, and faithful partner whom I can trust to stand by me in good times and bad, especially until eternity! I know he will best build up with me a loving relationship and peaceful home, based on a willingness to give to each other...
I thank God I have found my Prince and I just know I'm taken forever!


Meggy's Homecoming

I have been mentioning Meggy in my other blog since last year. One of the post I've made which talks about her is HERE. She is a 17-year-old churchmate from GenSan who celebrated her debut in January 2008 at Sydney, Australia alone and away from her friends and her family. The only friend she got there is my Prince. They celebrated her debut together. Meggy is on a student visa. She will be going home for a vacation today and Alas! She will again be reunited with her family.
My Prince and I would always refer to Meggy as our little sister. I can still recall many times before, when Meggy was very new to the place, she would call my Prince or she would message me at YM and ask if I could message my Prince to fetch her at school or at home. My Prince helped her out in getting a new house to stay on.
Last Sunday, my Prince fetched her up for church and went out for dinner with the rest of other brethrens. My Prince jokingly warned Megz to be careful in what she would tell me about him, hahaha! My Prince doesn't have to worry because eventhough we haven't met yet, I know him much better than any other person do, so other people's opinions of him won't matter to me.
I can't wait to see Megz next week. I'm sure there will be lots of stories to tell on her experiences as a student in Sydney and as a McDonalds crew as well.

The Best Alert Technology

My brother and I both have bronchial asthma. When my father died, his cardiac arrest was triggered by the asthma attack. He was immediately rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, did not make it. He was declared Dead on Arrival at the Emergency Room.
Before my father died, we have always been on a panic whenever he gets a worst asthma attack because of his hypertension and heart ailment. One time, we were in an ambulance and I saw how the doctors were actually trying to revive him. He was able to survive numerous attacks but in 2003, God decided to end all his sufferings. He could have made it had we known of Medical Alert system.
With the advent of modern technology, gadgets of this kind are created to protect the people who are suffering from different ailments like me and my brother. If we turn out to be incapable of moving our bodies which would prevent us to cry out for help, the system can easily detect that there is something amiss with us. It would automatically alert our family and all the people concerned. Is it not very convenient? Aside from convenience, protection and security is assured.
Now my mother doesn't always have to worry and panic with this gadget.

Can You Complain About Your Job?

Too many people have been complaining how a bad day it has been for them at work. I just finished chatting with my co-worker now and she was raving and ranting about one of our co-workers who has been acting like a leech. He has been trying hard to taint my friend's image infront of the big boss. Before I got the chance to hear her complaints, I was commenting on my cousin's post, Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder, who also had a very bad day at work. I can actually imagine my cousin's face fuming with rage with that image she posted in her blog, hahaha! Good thing she has her blog to express her angst on!
Keep your cool, pretty girls! Always remember that life is what we make it. It can either be beautiful or ugly depending on how you handle things. No matter how bad this day has turned out for you, laugh it off and remember that you are still very lucky that you've got a decent job wherein you get a decent pay. Too many unlucky Filipinos out there are left with no jobs and left with no choice at all because of the lack of opportunities. Mind you, most of the unemployed Filipinos are four year course graduates! So you are indeed not only very lucky but so blessed to have jobs of your own.
While I was browsing my mailbox, I find it fitting to share the images below. Photos can speak a thousand words. I hope you will find these photos uplifting. At least you don't have a job that needs to smell other people's armpits, clean people and animals' poohs, and the like.