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Some of the Reasons Why More and More People Are Leaving EntreCard

I was deeply saddened by the news that a number of my Top Droppers have now made a decision to leave EntreCard for good. One of them is WorldWide Travel Blog who has been a consistent Top Dropper across my blogs for a number of months and I will absolutely miss seeing his widget in my inbox. But guaranteed, that this isn't goodbye because I will continue to visit his blog with or without the EntreCard widget in his blog.
With the increasing number of bloggers making the decision to depart from the realms of EntreCard, I have made a summary of some of the major reasons why they have come to a decisive point leaving the EntreCard community. Some of these list are picked from some popular bloggers and I will be linking up to them at the bottom of this post.

No one is ever compelled to drop 300 cards each day! But to get the best out of EntreCard, one must drop to the maximum 300 cards per blog. Many EntreCarders refused to be a slave by spending their time dropping cards and use up hours and hours of going through blogs. Once you don't have a speedy connection, it will take you forever to finish the task more so if you'll be dropping for multiple blogs. Knowing the tricks on how to drop quick in just a matter of 30 minutes would help. I have actually shared some of my Dropping Techniques in the past:
I do not know how I was able to manage dropping 1, 200 cards everyday with my 4 blogs since I also have a full time work apart from blogging but much of the credit goes to my cousin Allena of In the Eyes of the Beholder who does the dropping chores in my behalf numerous times. I personally wouldn't think this is a poorly invested time because I love getting a glimpse of other people's viewpoints and thoughts. I daresay I have quite learned a lot from other people's various ideas.
Yes, EntreCard may have failed in strictly implementing the Updated Quality Standards but since quality is subjective I can't say much on the matter. I personally love going through blogs on a wide variety of topics and categories and I can put up with anything.
Some thinks of sub par and poor quality blogs containing the following:
  1. Blogs that are nothing but paid posts- I have recently made a post out of this.

  2. Slow blogs- Yeah! A number of them takes forever to load. Please put that video off and please turn off that autoplay music! I've had enough of these blogs. Good thing I am using the No Script Add On feature so I'm not quite affected.

  3. Out of date blogs- It's quite disappointing to see numerous blogs who were able to take time dropping their cards without updating their blogs. I can see lots of them. To get a wide readership, I understand that updating ones own blog is a must.

  4. Poorly written content (grammar and spelling mistakes)- Many of the bloggers are using English as a second language. I am no exception. I am still a work in progress but English as a second language is no excuse for me not to brush up. There is always room for improvement. Some faux pas though are understandable. We just need to double our effort in learning the art of writing in a much respectable level. That is, being able to deliver a clear and comprehensible message to our visitors.

Well, if an EntreCarder is too particular of the abovementioned points, I am urging you to report blogs to the EC admin so that they can impose sanctions on those identified blogs. Notwithstanding the points earlier pointed out, I feel that blogging should be open to all levels of literacy and topics. EntreCard must be very careful in imposing sanctions though as QUALITY per se vary from one person to another.


I felt bad when I learned that one blogger particularly pointed out that one reason he is leaving the community is because of the SAHMS. I do not want to rebut him but with all due respect to the SAHMS, they are wonderful! You see, to each his own. I have high regard for them because they were able to make the most out of their time blogging aside from child-rearing and taking care of their own homes. Creating that balance is not easy. I owe them much of my traffic and majority of the good friends I have acquired from EntreCard are the SAHMS. To all of you blogging Mommies, Long Live!


Unannounced downtimes and outages is indeed very annoying! At least we deserve to know when service failure would take place ahead of time so that we can adjust. Though EntreCard have failed to send us notices for service failures umpteen of times, I have to commend them for upgraded and better service.

EntreCard is a free advertising site. We are suppose to get traffic via the 125 x 125 slots we have purchased from other blogs. But since the price of advertising for popular blogs is too much for an ordinary member to afford, the ordinary members are drowned in the sea of active EC power users who were able to take advantage of the system. Added to this is the "drop and run" phenomenon where blogs don't really get long term traffic. I can't say much about this but since EntreCard, this blog's traffic had gone up to 100K plus and I couldn't have done it if not for EntreCard.


One of the things that triggered some members to leave was Graham's decision in deleting some popular members from the system. Turnip of Power, one of my Top Droppers, have been deleted for using Twitter. Quite a number of members now think that is such a crappy and silly decision from the management. ENTRECRAP as they have called it should have known better. Does Graham believe in second chances? Is a second chance being asked?

To Be Continued...


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