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Win a Free Web Hosting for Your Wordpress Blog: More Prizes at Stake!

I so love to have a Wordpress-powered blog. But my lack of knowledge on the complexities of Wordpress features prevented me from acquiring one. When my friend Uncle Che offered to do some Wordpress tutorials, I can't help but feel ecstatic! I was all fired up in purchasing my own domain! What made it all the more exciting was when a good friend of mine in the person of Kuya Jessie, blog owner of Technology Talks invited me to join his contest for me to have the opportunity to Win a Free Web Hosting for my Wordpress Blog. And here's more! Apart from the Free Domain Hosting, I can also have the chance to win cash and EntreCard Credits. Isn't that exciting?
That being said, I would like to encourage you all to join this contest. You can actually participate in two (2) simple ways: by being a CONTESTANT or by merely just a VOTER. Yes guys! I will be needing your votes here as winners shall be determined by POPULARITY. If you have multiple blogs, so much the better. And if one of your friends have already joined, you still can vote for them and for ME as well using your other blogs.
May it be noted that the two blogs who voted for the 2 participants in the example mentioned above are owned by one and the same person, IVY. She was able to vote for our friend Twerlyn without leaving me out as well. What I would like to point out here is that if one has multiple blogs and more than one of his friends have participated in the contest, he still can show support to all his friends by voting for them using all his blogs.
Here are some of the contest MECHANICS:
  1. RSS Subscription
  2. Blog Posting
  3. Encourage Readers thereby earning points.
  4. Convert your readers to become contestants (It's YOU reading this post, hopefully, hehe!)
  5. Deadline for submission of entry is December 15.


  1. Blog Posting
  2. Deadline of submission of entry for voters is on December 30, 5PM.


  1. FREE Wordpress-only blog hosting for 1 year with 1500MB web space plus unlimited monthly bandwidth. Domain is not included as prize though.
  2. CASH Prizes for top 3 winners:

1st Prize: $25 (via Paypal) + 2,000 Entrecard credits

2nd Prize: $15 (via Paypal) + 1,500 Entrecard Credits

3rd Prize: $10 (via Paypal) + 500 Entrecard Credits

Five (5) voters shall also be chosen amongst all VOTERS which shall be randomly selected and receive $10 each (via Paypal) plus 500 EntreCard credits.

Now let's start the ball rolling! Make your own entry now and have a chance to win!