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My 2 Short-Term Courses

Last year, I enrolled in short-term courses. I was so enthralled in getting my skills honed. I have actually finished two short courses: Baking and Hot Cook Kitchen. Well, I was able to hurdle three months of going to school in each classes. Classes are only during weekends though. I was able to manage going to school despite the two major elections conducted last year.
After getting my certificate of completion for Baking in December 2007, I planned of getting another course in Hairdressing. I just wanted to know the basics in beauty jobs and salon jobs. I know for a fact that esthetician jobs are in demand this days. My reason for wanting to take a short course was more of personal- just simply to learn things my own way and hopefully, when I become an expert, derive additional earnings from it. Our neighbor have actually put up their own salon after graduating in her short term course. She is an expert in doing nails, hair treatments and the like. Now her salon is getting bigger and attracting lots of clients.
Now with the advent of technology, getting a job outside the Philippine shores is a lot easier. is a website for salon people industry. It is a website which helps people to acquire jobs because job opportunities are being posted at their website for three months for only $29! Great, isn't it? I might just pursue this course when I decide to lie low a bit from blogging ;-)