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Assumption: The Mother of All Mistakes

I always go home for lunch every noon time break. Yesterday, I got home and two of my brothers are home as well. When it was almost time to go back to work, I thought my youngest brother was still asleep. The only one I saw preparing to go out was my brother next to me. So when I went out and reported back to work, I didn't locked the gate, I even didn't closed the window because I thought someone was home. I got surprised when my mother sent me SMS asking where my brothers are because no one was answering her phone calls at home. That's when I realized my two younger brothers must have gone out together without me knowing it and our home was left unlocked, the industrial knobs were useless. It happened because they didn't even say a word they are leaving, I really thought someone was home, that's what I get for assuming too much. I still never learned that assumption is the mother of all mistales. tsk! tsk! tsk!