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Dream Match Result: Pacquiao Makes History as He Lords Over De La Hoya Via TKO!

The Dream Match is no longer a dream. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Oscar "Golden Boy" De La Hoya made this dream a reality. But in every fight, there is only one victor. Pacquiao, the 29-year-old five-division world champion tried to make history yet again and succeeded. He shocked the world when he beat Oscar De La Hoya in the 8th round of the fight via a technical knock-out.
Who would have thought Pacman would make it? He is undersized. Before the scheduled epic match, many things have been thrown against him and many did not believe that he can beat the American- Mexican fighter. There was a heavy anticipation for majority of the boxing fanatics that this match will go in De La Hoya's favor. Pacquaio was considered to be the underdog. But Manny proved them all totally wrong! Pacquiao's detractors have undermined his pound-for-pound power.
As the two fighters sized each other up in the beginning rounds, it was obvious that De La Hoya was a little bit more tensed. Pacquiao took advantage of the situation and attacked De La Hoya to the frenzy of his cheering fans. The world was surprised to see a much speedy and strong Pacquiao.
In the 5th round, it became obvious that De La Hoya had a hard time finding his target. His face began to redden from the punches thrown his way by Pacquiao. De La Hoya's punches can no longer connect. Pacquiao's aggressiveness gave him the edge on the score cards landing more punches than De La Hoya much to the surprise of the cheering crowd.
In the 7th round, De La Hoya was still struggling, missing miserably from connecting his punches, he just can't find a steady target in Pacquiao. While Pacquaio, on the other hand, was up on his feet causing a puff in De La Hoya's left eye. His left hands kept penetrating De La Hoya's body. Pacquiao's execution was almost perfect!
In the 8th round, it was very evident that Pacquiao's speed was a killer. De La Hoya can no longer keep up with him. He was all too bothered by the punches and jabs given him by Pacquiao and he became obviously sluggish. Pacquiao was declared the winner after the 8th round via technical knock out when the fight had to be stopped because De La Hoya gave up! He accepted his defeat graciously which is a mark of a great sportsman and a true champion.
The fight clearly manifested Pacquiao's speed was able to neutralize De la Hoya's size.
Pacquiao is now a legend in the boxing world. He was able to assert his supremacy inside the ring. He was all up for the challenge and his sheer heart to win the fight made everything possible apart from the skills that he worked on very hard during his training. He deserves all the credits and accolades- a fighter with a BIG heart. He carried the Filipino's name in his shoulders and indeed, he made all of us proud!
Pacquiao's victory made me all the more proud to be one of the Generals.
Congrats MONEY, oh, MANNY I mean, hehe!