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To God Be the Glory!

As we are fixing things today at home, the shipping boxes that were lying beside the computer table caught my attention. I knew I can't afford to just throw them all away. Why? I have been instructed by my Prince to keep all things that will serve as proof later. Since we are in a long distance relationship, all proofs online and packages that were sent our way will be very important things to show that indeed we have a relationship and is not bogus.
That being said, I am so looking forward for 2009. I know it will be the year for me and my Prince, with God's mercy. We already have waited a long time for things to materialise and now we are just too excited. I hope God hear our prayers and grant the realialization of our aspirations. I am very positive God won't forsake me and my Prince! He has always sided with us and never left us since day one.
To God be the glory!