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My Fourth Blog: The Certified Fashionable Chic

In September, the thought of coming up with a fourth blog was very tempting but I wasn't too adamant. Updating three blogs regularly is already too impossible for me to accomplish, how much more adding one more blog in my cap? That's too much for me to handle! But since the setting up of the new domain was made possible by my very good friend Uncle Che of AZ Blogging and the blog theme was masterfully done by the artistic hands and brilliant mind of a pretty and sexy friend of mine, Ivy of the Designer's Chic, I had no choice but to eventually accept the given fact that indeed, my fourth blog is already up and running.
So a fashion blog it shall be.
Though I am a person who dressses up for comfort, it isn't too bad to dress both for comfort and for fashion, right? Hehe! I owe Ivy a lot not only for the blog's layout but for the blog's name as well. When I was about on the verge of giving up and wanted to hit my head because I coudn't come up with a nice title for the new blog, Ivy came to the rescue, as always.
I want so many things featured in my fashion blog but time constraints or simply the lack of it made it a little impossible for me to do what I want.
When I made my first post for my fourth blog in September, I said:

"This blog shall be a niche for glamoruous gals like me who wants to know the latest craze and trends in fashion, apparels, some beauty tips, and a whole lot more. This blog shall especially talk about how a girl can be trendy and glamorous. I am a little apprehensive though I wouldn't be able to update this blog more frequently but I will try my very, very best..."

I still haven't been true to my words. Not so much beauty tips, not so much posts on fashion crazes and trends. I' ve only made 15 posts in that blog since September. Not too many huh! Updating 4 of my blogs after a long day's hard work is keeping me so mentally drained! Good thing my good friend Polly of Random Ramblings helped me out in giving me ideas on what to write for my blog. She even went as far as scanning all fashion mags available and she sent them all to me for me to be able to post them in my blog. I appreciated so much her gesture!
I still have to live up to the blog's title- The Certified Fashionable Chic. It's still a far cry from what I really want to happen. Hopefully, with it's second layout (courtesy of Ivy) since its conception, I will be more inspired and motivated to update it more often.
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