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Be One of the Dropaholics Like Me!

Have you heard of yet? If not, better have a check on the site. The site was brilliantly thought of and developed by Gregory Matthews of He Likes to Rant. Sounds familiar?
Look at his EntreCard widget below and click the image and you will be taken to his site:
Web Blog of Greg Matthews

I have just learned of the Dropaholics site when I read Greg's post on How to Become a Dropaholic yesterday. Curiously, I tried to follow all his instructions and submitted this blog to the system. But to my surprise, it's already in the system ranking at no. 17 yesterday and my other blog, Our Journey to Forever, is also in the system! I have added my third blog, Kuerdas, and amazingly, all my 3 blogs are now in the Top 100 Dropaholics! I was very happy! My dropping efforts were recognized!
Upon checking today, this blog climbed up to rank # 11!
The rankings change from time to time though depending on the number of drops made on your top droppers.
I can do many things from I can generate a widget code wherein I can opt to display in my blog the following:
  1. Top Dropaholics on my Blog
  2. Blogs I am Dropaholic On
  3. Top Dropaholics Over-all
One of the cool features I like from the site is that I can opt to choose what to display in my blog. It can be the blog's title, both blog's title and widgets or just the blog's badges.
If you are one of my notorious regular droppers and your blog isn't in the list of dropaholics yet, better submit your blog immediately for monitoring. As you will notice, my Top 10 droppers who are Dropaholics are already in place in the left sidebar of this blog. The system shall automatically crawl your top droppers and your rankings shall be made known. No need to upload your top droppers' badges to Photobucket anymore as they will be automatically crawled up by the system.
And here's more! You don't need to drop the maximum 300 cards to be included in the ranks of dropaholics. You can well establish your position by consistently dropping on blogs of your interest and consequently. they shall in turn reciprocate your drops and even read your posts and comment on them.
I have high hopes in Dropaholics. Why not be one of us now?