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I am Taken Forever

It is an open book that I am into a long distance relationship. Being into one is never a walk in the park. It takes a lot of patience and patience requires a lot of waiting. I am no relationship expert but experience have taught me so much. My Prince and I is holding on strongly to our love for almost 2 years now, and everyday, the love is getting intense. There are a lot of things to keep in mind if one wants the relationship to work. And of course, keeping an open-line communication is one of the things to work on.
I admit I have been a member of some Dating Services prior to meeting my Prince but I was never a serious member. It is because I could not find the man that I truly want or shall I say God wants me to wait for the man He intends for me to have. It is very important to me that the man I would love is of the same faith. I have always been praying to God for that man to come and I just know if he is from the Father, he will enhance my faith further. It is so hard to find a man with admirable integrity, will respect me as a person and as a woman, encourage me without stiffling my creativity and a God-fearing man.
I am lucky enough to have found a steadfast, loyal, and faithful partner whom I can trust to stand by me in good times and bad, especially until eternity! I know he will best build up with me a loving relationship and peaceful home, based on a willingness to give to each other...
I thank God I have found my Prince and I just know I'm taken forever!