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The Tale That Is All About Monkey

The hottest topic over the weekend is plagiarism at its finest. If you are keen enough to notice, Monkey Fables and Tales and his other blogs, Sensory Overload and Obscure History are nowhere to be found- not in the EntreCard drop inbox (yours and mine), not at the No. 1 spot of the most popular blogs and never on the world wide web. This is the strangest thing that has confused me since last week.

Monkey has been reigning the most popular blogs for several months and it's hard to oust him from that sweet spot. I've never attempted to be in his seat though, haha! The closest I got was No. 2. A few weeks back, I didn't see him at the No. 1 spot of the Popular Blogs. His ads were disabled. This prompted me to send a message to my friend Polly of Random Ramblings and asked her if she has noticed but she told me that he might be on a holiday. When he was back on the popular blog (not at the top spot though), I thought Polly was right.
But after a couple of days of attempting to drop cards on his blogs, they were all deleted! I always get the following message: "Sorry, the blog at has been removed." I was shocked to know the reasons behind all these hullabaloo when I've read the post of Turnip of Turnip of Power. Much to my dismay, Monkey has been allegedly stealing nearly 100% of his posts from author Charlie Hatton. Turnip did a very great job in digging and gathering all his facts.
Has Monkey been a fraud all these time? Have we been the biggest fool? According to Joel of Big Boys Have Toys Too, EntreCard was the biggest fool of all! They have been regulating the system deleting blogs that weren't able to pass their updated standards and here comes Monkey at the top, his allegedly fraudulent acts escaping from EntreCard's strict scrutiny. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What a big slap in the face!
I would love to hear Monkey's side of the story. I hope he would elaborate further. I think we all deserve an explanation.
The strangest point to ponder on is this: If Monkey is taking his blogs on the backseat and realized that EntreCard is not for him anymore, why is there a need to delete all his blogs from Google?
Well, we could all speculate on this on-going brouhaha. I won't be casting a stone to anyone. But one thing is for sure. Plagiarism is no place in the cyberworld and no one can ever escape from it.
The truth shall always prevail.