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The Best Alert Technology

My brother and I both have bronchial asthma. When my father died, his cardiac arrest was triggered by the asthma attack. He was immediately rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, did not make it. He was declared Dead on Arrival at the Emergency Room.
Before my father died, we have always been on a panic whenever he gets a worst asthma attack because of his hypertension and heart ailment. One time, we were in an ambulance and I saw how the doctors were actually trying to revive him. He was able to survive numerous attacks but in 2003, God decided to end all his sufferings. He could have made it had we known of Medical Alert system.
With the advent of modern technology, gadgets of this kind are created to protect the people who are suffering from different ailments like me and my brother. If we turn out to be incapable of moving our bodies which would prevent us to cry out for help, the system can easily detect that there is something amiss with us. It would automatically alert our family and all the people concerned. Is it not very convenient? Aside from convenience, protection and security is assured.
Now my mother doesn't always have to worry and panic with this gadget.