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Mighty G's Birthday Gift

On October 28, the night before my birthday, an offline private message from my pretty friend IVY made me very happy. I was a little busy then that I was only able to digest the impact of her message the day after my birthday. She said that this blog's Page Rank climbed up to 3 from PR 2. I didn't know Google had recently updated. I have been expecting a slap from Mighty Google. I was even expecting the worst, a PR 0 for doing paid reviews on this blog.
I am very happy for this development. May it be noted though that I am not a sucker for Page Ranks. I've started with nothing and the burning passion for what I love to do has remained unfaltered. The Page Ranks and traffics may say different things but as what Uncle Che of AZ Blogging have mentioned which I so conform in agreement:

"What they can't really estimate is the emotional attachment you have to your blog...which should be worth at least a million dollars..."

I still haven't reaped the PR raise because I have been sleeping like a baby for a couple of nights now. I hit the sack as early as 9PM and I can't find the time to chase and write that much opportunities. Though I believe I need to savor the moment while it lasts. Who knows? Tomorrow, it might be back to PR zero yet again, but who cares? I will still be here blogging, PR or no PR.
Nevertheless. mighty Google's been very good to me. Thank you for the birthday gift!