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Job Well Done!

Finally, the Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest is over and I say with a bang! I would like to take this chance to thank those special people who have made this contest possible.
I am so much indebted to Uncle Che of AZ Blogging for making things happen for this blog right from the conceptualization of the contest and taking over the reins of this blog in my absence. He took a leave of absence from work just to oversee the drawing of winners and its declaration. He did things in a very transparent manner. He did everything far beyond my expectations and my gratefulness to him is endless. I owe him a whole lot. Words are not enough to express how much I am so much grateful having him around. Having him as a friend is such a treasure. Thanks so much, Uncle Che!
The contest sponsors are also well-deserved of huge recognition. They are the SOUL of this endeavor. If not for their unselfish and generous gestures of support, this contest wouldn't have been possible. They are the following:
The Designer Chic AZ Blogging My Blog Says Your Partner Online Twerlermz BLog Happy Family My Kawaii Life Reveiling Oneself... Expressing the Real Me Twinkletoe Writing Space Everyday Life My So Called Life In The Eyes of the Beholder A Woman Under God's Grace Random Ramblings Briggs Time for Escapades

To CONTEST SPONSORS: Please, Please, Please... wait for my signal before you do the sending of credits. I will coordinate with each one of you before we simultaneously send the prizes to the winners.
My heartfelt thanks goes out to all bloggers who took time in participating in this undertaking. The success of this contest is all because of you! Twenty nine (29) participants for my 29th birthday, what a coincidence, huh! ;-)

Thanks as well to ENTRECARD for helping me promote this contest at the EC Blog. It's HERE. Thank you Rose of Waterrose Handcrafted Obsessions for constantly corresponding with me. I really do appreciate your help.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest, to wit:

  1. Briggs Time for Escapades
  2. This Is So Me
  3. Twinkletoe Writing Space
  4. Joys in Life

If you want to see the comprehensive process of how the randomizing of winners was done, its HERE.

As previously mentioned by Uncle Che, I have surprise prizes for some special people. The first ever entry submitted in this contest shall receive 500 EC Credits. Congrats Tricia of Proud Mommy! I have also picked out the BEST KEEPSAKE made out of the entries submitted. She will similarly receive 500 EC credits. Congrats Wendy of From the Eyes of my Heart!

I will be featuring all entries with keepsakes to somehow recognize the effort and time you've put in. They are so much treasured and appreciated because eventhough that part of the contest requirement was optional, you still went through the trouble of coming up with such beautiful virtual gifts for me.

There is a remaining 3, 000 EC credits from the 20, 000 EC credits donated by the sponsors and I deemed it best to donate to the cause of EntreCard for Religion. This is a movement of a group of bloggers who are helping non-popular blogs to promote religion regardless of sect and beliefs for as long as it tries to inculcate that there is one Supreme Being. The credits which shall be accumulated by the EC for Religion are all being donated to these blogs.

Thank you all for never getting tired of swinging by this blog. Until my next contest! ;-)