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Thank You, Windmill!

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Windmill on the Hill is a very special blog to me. I always forget how tired I am from a day's hard work everytime I get to visit this blog owned by no less than the good-natured Windmill. It's like an addiction. After waking up from a deep slumber, usually at around 3 a. m., his blog is one of those few I take a peek at. He never ceases to inspire me and he keeps plastering a smile on my face. I still haven't forgotten the candy bar he gave me on November 9. That was too sweet of you, Windy! And I so love the name you gave me. LAINY BELLE sounds cute, isn't it?

When I was frequenting his blogs, I have noticed I wasn't in his Dynamite Droppers at first. After a few days, I made it to the Top 3 and now, my other blog Kuerdas made it to his Top 10! Well done, Lainy Belle!
The primary reason why I never let a day pass without visiting his blog, aside from dropping my cards, is because I know he has always something to offer- a word of inspiration, information, wisdom and humor. And mind you, he can write too many posts in a matter of minutes. And last night, I got home a little late and too tired from a long day's preparation for today's Seminar-Workshop, I left him a message telling him that I still managed to walk through his blog although I was dead tired. When I went back to say goodnight, my jaw dropped in amazement when I saw a wheelchair waiting for me, hahaha! That didn't stopped me from laughing my heart's out!

Thank you so much, Windy for always keeping my day bright and lovely! Stay healthy and diabetes-free always!