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I Remember When... (Week #6)

I remember when… I had my first boyfriend”. Did you hold hands? Go on ‘dates’? Or just hang around together with the crowd? Whatever your memories are related to your first boyfriend, share them!

I have previously made an entry out of this topic a couple of months back. I have entirely forgotten the feelings I've had for him but for the sake of participating in this week's topic, I will try to recollect the moments with my first boyfriend.

Being the idealistic person that I was back then, I wanted my first boyfriend to be the last, if you know what I mean. I had him for a BF when I was 21 years old, he was my very first boyfriend! We have been boyfriends and girlfriends for quite sometime before my family knew about it. We kept it for ourselves until such time I was ready to disclose what we have. He converted into our church and I am so glad that up to now, he is still very active at church eventhough we separated ways years before.
I tried to hold on to the relationship which lasted for almost 3 years. He lavished me with so much love, not to mention the sumptuous foods that he prepares for me and my family. But since I am a beautiful girlfriend (haha!), he would always get jealous over petty and trivial things. He would always start the fight and he even deprived me from communicating with friends when he got my cellphone for 3 days!
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