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Thank God for a Lover like Uncle Che (Part 1)

I am Neba Noela Buwah, Uncle Che’s naughty baby. I mean the big type of baby who is almost 25yrs old; the one who loves him very much. The one who is nothing without him. Whenever I look up at the heavens, I ask God "what did I do to deserve him and his love?"

On our fourth love-anniversary, he posted a story about us on this blog. I guess you all have been wondering where I have gone to and why I am not saying anything. Actually, I posted a comment and promised to tell my own part of the story. It is quite long, so I will make it two parts.

I knew Uncle Che a long time ago as a friend of my elder sister. They were attending the same secondary school in the village while I was in town. I met him twice in our house when I came for the weekend and my sister introduced him to me. I wasn’t paying attention. When my sister and I moved to another town (Buea) about 5 years later to pursue university studies (in the University of Buea), she and Che were still good friends and they occasionally paid each other visits. He was a very shy boy and whenever he came to visit and my sister wasn’t in, he would just stand at the door, leave a message for her, and the next second, he was gone. I didn’t notice him only for being shy. I knew he was calm and very intelligent. Hmmm, most women would fall for that, but believe me I never had any extraordinary thoughts about him. My last relationship was a failure and lasted just a few months, so, I wasn’t ready to go in for another heartbreak.

I got to know Che better in one association called BASA (Bafut Students’ Association). That was an association made up of University students from our village. Since we were both from the same village, we automatically were members. He was (and still is) a talk of the association. He was very influential. Very hardworking and always giving very bright ideas on how the association should run. Almost everyone liked and praised him.

Unfortunately, for me, I started liking him when he was about leaving for a while. After the second semester, of his second year in the university (my first year), he suspended education for financial reasons. He was not too broke to continue education. He just had to give it up for a year so he could properly attend to his siblings relying on him. I missed him so much for the summer holidays and the first semester of my second year when he wasn’t attending school. I was not in any relationship and I thought it was time to give another person a chance, but I never thought Che could be on my list. Why? I don’t know. I just didn’t know.

However, God has a special way of doing things. When I was traveling from Buea (the town where we study at the University) to Bamenda (our actual hometown), with my elder sister, we met Che at the bus station. We were going to spend X-Mas in Bamenda while he left Bamenda and instead came back to spend X-Mas in Buea. All of a sudden, I felt the need to spend X-Mas with him but he refused on an excuse that my family needs me for X-Mas. I was a little bit crossed and felt rejected, but when I was about going, he accepted I could come for the New Year celebrations.

He was expecting me on the 30th or 31st of December, but when I called him on the 26th informing him I will be coming on the 28th, he got curious. Why the haste? He could not understand but did his homework and found out that the 29th was my birthday. While I was preparing a surprise for him, he surprised me with a birthday present before I could even announce the occasion to him.

I started seeing Che as Mr. Right, and I wanted to go to any depth to prove that. The first test I put him through was on my birthday. I invited him home for supper at 8pm and intentionally made him stay till 1am (5 hrs). He opted to leave, but I convinced him it was too late, and that he should spend the night.

I decided to test him over and over again by asking him about twice or thrice monthly to spend the night with me in my room. Most men will not bear that type of temptation, but believe me, he passed all the tests. We spent the nights together and although some of the nights were very cold and we came close and held each other tight, we were still behaving mature and respecting ourselves. Each time I got emotional, I just asked him to stretch his right arm for me to lie on. I am sure he also got emotional because a couple of nights he asked to hold my hand while we sleep. Ha ha ha. Naughty! That’s him.
(to be continued...)