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Please Help Me Choose

A big portion of the money I saved from work went to the renovation of our own home. I always want to see the money go to something concrete. Even before my father died, he was a living witness on how I spend my money on renovations, repainting of our own home and the purchase of home appliances. The cost sometimes would make my head spinning. Before making a go for the built, we would let the carpenters do a rough estimate of the expenses and of course talk about the pay for their labor. From experience, the rough estimate would always double the actual expenses. When they declare it will only be a hundred bucks, for sure it will be two hundred or more. That's one of the pocket pains one has to go through when undergoing construction or renovation of an infrastructure.
When we had our window made out of glass about two years ago, I have always wanted to purchase Blinds that would match its elegance and style. Since the window is made of glass, I wanted to have full control of the lights glaring in our living room. Not only that, if I want privacy, I can always pull the blinds down or up if I wanted light coming in our home.
I would love to choose from wood blinds, Durawood blinds, trilogy blinds and metal blinds. I want to ask your opinions. From which among them would perfectly match our window? I need your brilliant suggestions. I believe this will be a very good investment yet again for our home.