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Meggy's Homecoming

I have been mentioning Meggy in my other blog since last year. One of the post I've made which talks about her is HERE. She is a 17-year-old churchmate from GenSan who celebrated her debut in January 2008 at Sydney, Australia alone and away from her friends and her family. The only friend she got there is my Prince. They celebrated her debut together. Meggy is on a student visa. She will be going home for a vacation today and Alas! She will again be reunited with her family.
My Prince and I would always refer to Meggy as our little sister. I can still recall many times before, when Meggy was very new to the place, she would call my Prince or she would message me at YM and ask if I could message my Prince to fetch her at school or at home. My Prince helped her out in getting a new house to stay on.
Last Sunday, my Prince fetched her up for church and went out for dinner with the rest of other brethrens. My Prince jokingly warned Megz to be careful in what she would tell me about him, hahaha! My Prince doesn't have to worry because eventhough we haven't met yet, I know him much better than any other person do, so other people's opinions of him won't matter to me.
I can't wait to see Megz next week. I'm sure there will be lots of stories to tell on her experiences as a student in Sydney and as a McDonalds crew as well.