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Can You Complain About Your Job?

Too many people have been complaining how a bad day it has been for them at work. I just finished chatting with my co-worker now and she was raving and ranting about one of our co-workers who has been acting like a leech. He has been trying hard to taint my friend's image infront of the big boss. Before I got the chance to hear her complaints, I was commenting on my cousin's post, Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder, who also had a very bad day at work. I can actually imagine my cousin's face fuming with rage with that image she posted in her blog, hahaha! Good thing she has her blog to express her angst on!
Keep your cool, pretty girls! Always remember that life is what we make it. It can either be beautiful or ugly depending on how you handle things. No matter how bad this day has turned out for you, laugh it off and remember that you are still very lucky that you've got a decent job wherein you get a decent pay. Too many unlucky Filipinos out there are left with no jobs and left with no choice at all because of the lack of opportunities. Mind you, most of the unemployed Filipinos are four year course graduates! So you are indeed not only very lucky but so blessed to have jobs of your own.
While I was browsing my mailbox, I find it fitting to share the images below. Photos can speak a thousand words. I hope you will find these photos uplifting. At least you don't have a job that needs to smell other people's armpits, clean people and animals' poohs, and the like.