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Warning by Entrecard to Quick Drop Pages or PowerDrop Pages


I received an email today from Entrecard team issuing a warning of account deletion for members who are operating "Quick Drop Pages" or otherwise known as PowerDrop. These pages are identified by Entrecard and are advised to take down the Quick Drop pages before July 1.
Since I started dropping Entrecards to other members seriously, I have encountered a number of blogs that showed only the Entrecard widget. There is no blog content at all. I just shrugged it off thinking that it's their style to make loading of pages easier and dropping of Ecards smoother. But since Entrecard is banning these sites starting July 1 for reasons of network de-valuation, all Entrecarders must be made aware that not only those sites that contains PowerDrops are warned but all members in its entirety. We have to make sure we don't drop to Quick Drop Pages or else, penalties will be incurred. This is called illegal Entrecard dropping. Yes! There is such a thing as "illegal" here in the blogosphere.
There is still no better way to blog than with a clear conscience, getting everything done in all honesty, not by creating schemes to gain credits in a very quick but illegal manner.