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My All-Time Favorite Books

I so love books! Reading quite a handful of them since I was in grade school is actually the culprit why I am having an impaired vision. Well, reading isn't bad at all but I wasn't practicing the good reading position that is why I am badly suffering now.
Indeed, it's too late to say the I-should-haves...
I am fond reading just any kind of books. But specifically, when I reached hgh school I got hooked on some romance novels of my favorite novelists Barbara Cartland and Danielle Steele among others. That was when I started wearing eyeglasses. The late Sidney Sheldon was also the most sought-after author of yours truly in the bookstores.
When I reached college, I matured and had read quite a lot of philosophy books and some political-related articles. Most of them were political theories in my classes and some court rulings from SCRA (Supreme Court Report Annotated). I had to hurdle reading them all because I had no choice  as it was required of me being a student of Political Science at the time.
One of the all-time favorite books I had was the book by the Abu Sayaff captive and survivor Gracia Burnham entitled In the Presence of my Enemies. Her book is an epitome of a true Christian. Despite life's hardships and trials, even when her husband, Martin Burnham, died when they were held hostage by the Muslim rebels,  her faith never wavered one bit! It's quite hard to  imagine the kind of life she lived after that big storm in her life! To me, she is such a living inspiration!
Also one unforgettable and great find is the book by Rick Warren The Purpose Driven Life. It's a must-have for all of us who wants to tread on the real mission our Lord God has for us on this planet.
And to top everything I have mentioned, nothing can beat the best book ever written and that is the Holy Bible. This is the one and only book adhered to by Christians like me. 
What about you? Do you also have your own favorites?