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Lainy's Wounded and Bruised Up

I feel sore. The abrasions I got from the little accident I got involved myself with last night made my feeling terrible. I can hardly move. But I still was able to report for work for half a day but actually did nothing there for the fear that someone might touch my knee and they could hear my screaming "Ouccccccccch"! I got myself isolated. And in the afternoon, I decided to just stay  home because the pain was intolerable.
Well, everything went so sudden last night. I was actually in bed ready to hit the sack when I heard my mother exclaiming: "Oh, the bike is here, we can do a little exercise..." Mind you, it was already thirty minutes before midnight. Prior to seeing the bike, she was already looking for it after we've arrived from the Thursday worship service. So, Lainy went out of bed, telling mother that it's already late but she said "get the bike outside where there is more space." So there I went out and rode the bike. The last time I rode a bike for heaven's sake was 17 years ago! Everything happened in a blink of an eye. I saw a big stone getting in the way so I had the bike redirected but I suddenly lost my balance. I fell to the ground hard with my knee and my arms bruised up and wounded.
When my co-workers found out how the accident happened, they were all smiling, some were even laughing. Poor me! There wasn't any ounce of sympathy just because I got wounded up from riding a bike :-( I know the wound would heal over time but I am so sure there has got to be some scars.
That's the thing I was so worried about since last night. I was actually on the look out for the best treatment for scars. But my Prince lifted my spirit up once again by telling me:
"I want the content of your heart, not the texture of your skin..."
For awhile there, I got stupefied but indeed my Prince was right. I then remembered one of my favorite quotes:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye...

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