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How Much Do You Value Your Commenters?

Everytime we hit the publish button for every articles we hurdle to write for our blogs, we deliver a message. That message could be a reflection of who we are, what we believe in and just whatever trivial thoughts that walk through our heads. The message could be clearly and effectively adhered to by our respective visitors or they could have opposing views on the matter. Whichever case it is, I personally would want to hear each and everyone's points of view by airing their respective sentiments, additional and substantial inputs related to the subject or if not related, a simple hello being sent via the comment section is always appreciated. Commenter's contribution to the discussion at hand is always of great value.
What really makes a blog interesting is when we have readers reading our stuffs. I want to quote Uncle Che of AZ Blogging for this. He aptly said of which I so much conform:
"I have always considered the art of commenting as the "BEST SOCIAL NETWORKING TOOLS FOR BLOGS". Your blog can be on BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, Bumpzee... Irrespective of how much users interact with our blogs, we still need their direct comments and that counts more than anything else..."
When it comes to commenting best practises, there is no irrelevant comment in my vocabulary. Everyone who takes extra time and effort in hitting the comment box and eventually publishing a comment is highly appreciated by yours truly. Spammers have no place in my blogs though.
The power of commenting can actually get our blogs to greater heights. By commenting, our presence is not only warmly felt but we can increase traffic to our respective blogs as well. In addition, it enables us to share our insights and gives more depth to the topic being discussed. And here's the catch! Get your blog indexed in search engines by posting relevant comments. That's only one of the real great value of commenting.
You do publish comments at other blogs. But how well motivated are you in coming forth and commenting more? Are you recognized for the inputs shared or for the frequent comments you've had posted for a certain blog?
Well, for the First Commenter's Club, you will get due recognition! We shall be recognizing those people who have placed the first ever comment for a specific post. I do not exactly know who authored this idea but I stole this brilliant one from a great and lovely blogging pal, Mariuca of Wishing on a Falling Star. For almost a year, I've tried to install a few widget codes to identify the Top Commenters for my blogs, but my effort were for naught. I always fail. Not until Marzie came to the rescue! She made everything possible! Her unselfish act is truly commendable! Together with the brilliant Uncle Che of Novice Master, they were able to install the JS KIT and Comment Luv Plug Ins. These two people are my angels! What could Lainy be without you, guys???A million thank you's to the both of you!
To further encourage commenters to share their thoughts and establish rapport and camaraderie with each one of us, this blog and my other blog, Our Journey to Forever, shall be linking up to those people who shall be identified as first commenters. The Top Commenters for the month shall also get a few incentive in the form of EntreCard credits. These shall be my comment policy across my blogs. As you can see, I also try my best to answer all posted comments. I do not moderate comments because I am not online most of the time.
I am therefore encouraging everyone to get involved and share your thoughts as long as it is not a violation of my comment policy. Rude and nasty comments shall be subject for deletion. And please... No more marriage proposals again, OK? LOL!


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