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Learning is a Continuous Process

Everytime I go to the banks for my personal and office transactions, I have always wondered how it's like to be working for them. I mean, banking jobs is a little stressful and demands more of your time. But it looks a little glamorous to me. You need to be always at your best. The tellers are beautiful and they are wearing their best clothes and they are also fully made up. Sometimes I wished I should have taken business courses so that there is a chance for me to be working at the banks. But since I am no good at figures and science, I took a Bachelor of Arts degree major in Political Science for my undergraduate studies.
I thought a degree in Political Science was the best course available at the time. I was actually all fired up in going to Law school after four years of study. But my priorities were focused on getting a good job after graduation and helping out my family. There was no time to go to school again.
Oh! But no!
I have always been in school after my college graduation. I took some units in the Graduate School. I was about to write my thesis but again, my attention was diverted to another priorioty. I took a short-term course in Medical Transcription. I finished the course in six months but I wasn't able to use it, hehe! I also took many other short courses that enhanced my skills in baking and cooking.
I still firmly believe that learning doesn't end on graduation day. It is a continuous process and by learning, we grow as an individual and as a person...