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Free Tickets for the David Pomeranz Concert and Some Updates...

Do you remember the contest I've joined a few weeks back for the David Pomeranz concert? Well, unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it. But I feel so glad and ecstatic when the Bariles man himself declared that all non-winning entries are entitled of two (2) tickets for the concert!

Isn't that great?

Though I wasn't personally present when the tickets were awarded today at Grab-a-Crab Coffee Club 101 and Restaurant, I felt giddy with the thought of finally being able to watch David Pomeranz LIVE in concert for FREE ;-)

I wasn't the lone person excited for this big event come Valentines Day. My mother has been ceaselessly asking me of a ticket for that special Kalilangan Presentation, the city's Foundation Anniversary. Well, your wish is granted mother dearie! We have two seats available at the courtside ;-) My co-worker Star of The Maiden's Testimony and her daughter Lollii of My Kawaii Life also got their own tickets. Oh, man! I am just too excited for this special night. I just hope my wound would be OK by then and I wouldn't be limping so as not to spoil the night.
After exactly five days of getting wounded in my brother's bicycle, the scab is getting dry each day. At least there is some improvements. But I still can't walk straight and I am reporting for work everyday wearing skirts because it's just too ouchy to wear jeans and slacks. Today, I actually went to the dermatologist but she wasn't around. Her clinic assistant informed me that she has the same wound in her leg a few weeks ago also from riding the bike and she dived into the drainage. Her situation was even worse! So I wasn't the only one, huh!

I am so much grateful to the commenters of my previous written article, Lainy's Wounded and Bruised Up. I value all your very helpful suggestions and THANKS SO MUCH for your concern and for wishing we well.

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