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I Want a New Cellphone!

I don't know if purchasing surplus items is the thing for most of you here but I could still recall when I was just ten years old when my father bought a new television set. We were too excited! But guess what? After only about two days, the television can't be turned on anymore! It turned out that the picture tube was the problem. So, it was a hopeless case if ever my father decided to have it repaired, there is a tendency that he might be spending for nothing. From then on, it's a real turn-off for us to again have a purchase on second hand items. 
Well, I think purchasing surplus items is a matter of sheer luck. For some, they actually got hold of precious items like laptops, cameras and other valuable appliances. And mind you, they are still working like brand new! 
If ever there is one surplus  item I would like to buy, it would be a cellphone. Since I am not too updated with the latest cellphone models and mine is obviously obsolete, haha! I want to have an upgrade. It wouldn't hurt to gamble on the new models from these surplus items. It's obviously cheaper to acquire surplus items than buy them at the mall.
What will make the purchase sweet and meaningful is that the money I am going to use for the purchase is from blogging! Whew! That's coming from a lot of sleepless nights and now I am going to reap the efforts I was able to put in a couple of months back!
How sweet!