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A Special Day for a Very Special Man

If you have been a frequent visitor of my blogs, you should have known by now that the name Uncle Che pops up every now and then in any of my published articles. And why not? It is worth every mention! He is a very special man not because he has been a huge help especially on the technical aspects of blogging but because he has such very special and admirable qualities that you would find very endearing.
I am no techy-savvy type of person. I am just too afraid to mess up everything with my blogs. Good thing he is always there, ever ready to always extend a helping hand. He is the type of person who offers his help even without me telling him anything. Well, you must be curious how come I knew Uncle Che. Let me relate to you how my friendship with him began. 

Novice Master
I have been frequenting his blog since July of 2008. I was then a stalker, haha! I never get myself involved with the discussions at AZ Blogging. I was too afraid what I publish in the form of comment would be a huge mistake. Not until I saw one message at one of my posts. Uncle Che was actually asking me for the image URL of my blog!
As I have earlier mentioned, I am no techy-savvy type of person. I don't even know what image URL mean, haha! I felt very honored someone would love to place the image URL of my blog at his sidebar.  I can't help from gushing! I didn't realized then it was just the beginning of a more deeper friendship from a co-blogger who came from the opposite part of the world. I don't know how Uncle Che found my way to my mailbox. I didn't bother to ask. But one day, I received a very heartwarming message informing me something was amiss at the new blog I had just purchased at the time. That email came to offer his help to fix my newly-purchased domain Kuerdas. 
From then on, we became very good buddies frequently exhanging messages at Yahoo Messenger and even over Voice Chat. Believe me when I say I had the most difficult time comprehending his deep and thick accent, hehe! But over time, I got used to it. And the best thing of it all was that I was able to meet her fiancee Baby Noela, too! But due to time constraints on Noela's part, we could hardly involve ourselves in a deeper and more prolonged conversation as much as we would love to because of her schooling. She is currently taking her Masters Degree. I feel very proud when Noela has been mentioning my name n Her About Me Page. She said:
"Maybe you should ask Scotty's Princess, her name is Ellaine but most people call her Lainy. The first thing she would tell you about me is that I am Dr. Luv's (naughty) baby, a girl (soon to be a woman) with lots of strong determination to pursue her numerous passions..."
Looking back, it was a blessing from the first day I've had the guts to publish my first ever comment for Uncle Che's blog. If I may just quote:
"You asked yourself, why we bloggers love you? Well, one of the few reasons why a blogger is loved by readers is that he is always sincere and genuine. You speak your mind from your heart. We, as your readers, can feel that. Personally, I do not go for stunning brilliance on the way a blogger writes. It’s how he communicates with people and that it’s always coming from the heart. "

I was a little stunned when he replied and told me that he found my words soft and encouraging.  The friendship blossomed from then on and was taken to a higher level. There was no turning back! I had even handed him the responsibility of raffling and declaring the lucky winners for the Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest which he willingly accepted. Furthermore, Uncle Che and Baby Noela became my guest bloggers to this humble blog of mine wherein they both kept a handful of readers excited and giddy of their own love stories. The two of them have their own versions to tell. Uncle Che talked about the Stages in a Love Relationship (Part 1) - Uncle Che and Baby Noela while Noela, on the other hand, wrote the article Thank God for a Lover like Uncle Che. I have always told Uncle Che umpteen of times how lucky they both are to have each other. It was truly a match made in heaven! 
Later, in his newly-acquired blog, Novice Master, he expressed how he was deeply going Filipino. He talked so highly of Filipino bloggers and friends which made me so very proud to be one! He even expressed he would love to come and visit the Philippines whenever circumstances would allow him.  
Now my friendship with these wonderful people, Uncle Che and Noela, made me cherish my blogging journey more and more It is not everyday that we have the opportunity to meet genuine people.
Since February 29 is Uncle Che's BIG day (I added the 29th day in my calendar for this year, hehe!), I want Uncle Che to know how he has touched my life and many other lives out there. I wish you many good things to come this year, Uncle Che. I know you have so many dreams and aspirations you would want accomplished, especially in helping your fellow Africans to become computer literate and educated. I hope you would see the realizations of some of them soon. Goodluck on your online projects especially on Camhood and Pen2net. Please take good care of your health. Tough guys get sick, too! You have been working like a horse. Don't let Noela worry so much about you. And lastly, I can't wait to see you and Noela tying the knot very, very soon!
Have a very meaningful and blessed 29th birthday! 


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