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What Matters Most is the Content of our Hearts

Remember the terrible bicycle accident I got in February? The only thing that's left of it is the ugly and nasty scar. It looks whitish and rather big. It bothers me so much because it's located on my knee. I can't even wear the clothes that I want to wear especially if it's knee-length. When the wound was still fresh and when it was on its way to healing, I kept mentioning to my Prince how bothered I am. I am desperate to find a scar treatment and is even willing to undergo microdermabrasion.
One day, I kept complaining to my Prince again about the nasty scar. I got scolded. He told me not to worry so much about it. It's just a scar. We all have scars. And it's just skin. What truly matters is the content of our hearts! I was left tounge-tied! He was right! Here I was, bothered by a very simple scar where in fact, Jesus was wounded, battered and died for us and we didn't even heard a word from Him. He never complained.
Now I came to realize I have to be thankful I only got this scar from that accident. It was nothing serious and I was safe and sound. It is enough reason to be grateful for!