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As of this writing, there's only 4 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes and 12 seconds remaining until the end of acceptance of entries for the Lainy's Hottest Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers Celebration! I must admit I had a great time reading the first 23 submitted entries. Such interesting and awesome reads! I got amazed how bloggers can be so creative while at the same time inspiring bloggers through their own blogging tale. It is such a pity though I won't have a say in judging the entries submitted.

As you all know, the competition shall be composed of 3 credible judges who shall make up 50% of the contest results. Too many people have been actually asking me bluntly for the judges' identities. I sincerely understand your curiosity and anxiety concerning the identities of those who will be deciding your fate as far as this contest is concerned. If I were in your shoes, I won't be different. However, I hope you do understand that for a clean, fair and transparent judgment, the judges don't have to be influenced in anyway. You must be assured that none of your competitors are mailing them and asking for favors or proposing bribes. On my part, I have done my best to make sure that the judges were carefully selected and I can truly vouch for their capabilities. They won't be passing on their judgment while blindfolded because they may or may not know the blogger behind each entry they are judging. As a result, I made sure I picked up people who are good in writing and have a mastery of the English Language, and above all, very objective but not so emotional.

If the judges are one of the reasons that's pulling you back from joining this competition, let me give you confidence by saying we have the best around here! That being said, I am sticking to the contest rules. The judges shall remain anonymous until such time the winners are declared. This is to give no shadow of doubts to the competition results.

As I have previously written, conceptualizing a competition of this magnitude is not a walk in the park. I wanted this to be something different from the usual contests. I made sure this contest will be worth the sponsors' pledges. This certainly is not your "copy-paste" thing. This time, I won't be going by the numbers but rather of the quality and effort that participants will be putting in.

I must confess, with the contest rules, I thought that bloggers were fighting shy to write stuffs.

I said to myself:

"It really doesn't make sense at all! Why would people shy away from joining? That's what bloggers do- WRITE stuffs! "

But the 23 official valid entries proved me wrong! Bloggers can be amazingly creative! And I know there are still too many of you there! Rest assured your efforts won't be for naught.

Apart from the major prizes, here's what's in store for you:


Lainy’s Musings


Lainy’s Musings

The winners will be given due recognition in the Storyteller's Hall of Fame.

*** The following are the official valid entries as of March 30, 2009:

  1. Twerlermz Blog
  2. The Maiden's Testimony
  3. Chronic Chick Talk
  4. Mary Ann's Musings
  5. Sweet Nothings
  6. Mom 2 Ways
  7. Another Contest
  8. My Written xPressions
  9. Details in the Tales
  10. Just Keep Trying
  11. In the Eyes of the Beholder
  12. Make or Break
  13. walkingnewspaper
  14. Fragment of Thoughts... A Piece of Life
  15. Mike Mamaril: Growing One Mistake at a Time
  16. Zorlone
  17. Twinkletoe Writing Space
  18. Home Buddies
  19. Joys in Life
  20. The Mommy Journey
  21. Briggs Time for Escapades
  22. The Painted Veil
  23. Show Me Your Interest
  24. La-La Landia
  25. Rosilie: My Blog
  26. My Blog Says

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