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My Daily Routine

Going to the mall and going out with friends whenever I feel like it are only two of the few things that I have missed doing for quite some time now. I miss those times when I just can be with friends and have fun, eat out for lunch or have dinner at some cozy restos while doing all those girl talks and more. My daily and usual routine revolves around work for eight long hours, keeping in touch with my Prince everyday without fail (except for Thursdays since it's our Midweek Worship Service and time constraints would prohibit us both from meeting online), church, and blogging. I have been used to this routine of mine since I have discovered bliss from blogging.  Some may find this daily activities boring but mind you, I find this all fun and invigorating! 

Well, I can not say for how long will I be having fun from what I have used to doing for two long years but suffice it to say that I am making the most out of these things for the time being. I am all passionate about these things and it makes me feel renewed and fulfilled. Some might find me a dull girl but hey! It's my life and I can do anything with it. Just be happy for me, Ok? ;-)

For months now, I haven't been to the mall. You might be shocked to know that going to the mall today is in my itinerary to purchase disposable gloves. You ask me for what purpose ;-)