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Home Sweet Home at Noon Time

I always go home for lunch. It gives me the luxury of taking a few minutes of cat nap. Aside from that. I am able to check on my blogs, update them if I so please and drop a few cards. That's the advantage of having internet connection. It's always a pity we don't have one at work. That's why when I decided to go serious in monetizing my blogs, I thought going home during lunchbreaks is of huge advantage. I always have to hurdle the excruciating heat of the sun at high noon. But I really am not bothered about it. 

The other day,  while I was on my way home, I saw a sign board that's big enough to capture one's attention. It says, "TRUCK for RENT" for moving services. Well, our city isn't that big but when we used to transfer residence from one place to another, we've got a hard time getting car services for our stuffs to be transferred. Seeing the signage made me think we aren't that backward anymore ;-)