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Setting a Blogger's Best Foot Forward

Conceptualizing about the upcoming contest is no piece of cake. There are so many things to consider like coming up with a contest mechanics that would be different from many other contests, equal and fair distribution of prizes and ensuring full participation of potential participants. 

I wanted this contest to be a no-copy-paste thing. There has been so many competitions that's been up and running that requires no effort at all. In fact, my previous birthday bash contest was among them. This time around, I want it to be something that would make bloggers think. There is no intention to scare away the participants but rather, to come up with a contest piece that's of quality. Setting a blogger's best foot forward is the competition's aim. I know not too many would be interested. BUT, I wanted to set the pace for contests. Contest organizers shouldn't put to waste the sponsors pledges by coming up with a relevant competition. I am afraid that with this writing competition, bloggers would be fighting shy to write stuffs. It wouldn't make sense to me at all if that would be the case because that's what we bloggers do- write stuffs! That's what I have always been telling the world in my previous posts- the difference between writing and blogging.
Anyhow, so much for contests stuffs, haha! Do try to check out Wilmington NC real estate if you ever think of involving yourself in real estate. If it's something relevant, do come back and let me know...