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Thank You Is Not Enough!

I woke up early morning today to do some stuffs for the upcoming Lainy's Hottest Blogoversary Competition: A Bloggers Celebration and of course to finish my daily dropping chores. I don't usually run after doing my drops, so basically, Greg's blog post of He Likes to Rant didn't go unnoticed. Who wouldn't have known him? Not only is he the Dropaholics mastermind but he's also among the 130 sponsors for the upcoming blogoversary contest. I was surprised to see my contest campaign banner waving at me while I was doing my hop-hop dance at the different blogs in the wee hours of the morning.

Lainy’s Musings

Polly of Random Rambling's post as usual touched the very core of my being. She often would write so many good things about me. Well, I hope I could live up to all your expectations of me, Polly My Friend without me trying so hard, LOL!

Another sponsor and at the same time, a really cool and good blogger friend of mine in the person of Rosilie of A Closet for Limitless Adventures shouted to the entire blogosphere how proud she is to become a sponsor for this competition.

Two more sweet blogger friends made a very sweet post out of this competition. One is Mize of Net Source and the other one is Bill of My Piece of Paradise.

And of course, my dearest cousin Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder. That's what families are, sticking together come hell or high waters, LOL!

Thank you so much Greg, Polly, Rosilie, Mize, Ally and Bill for the sponsorship and at the same time for that very sweet campaign postings.

Some more friends took their time and effort in placing the contest campaign banner at their respective blogs. They are as follows:

  1. My Blog Says
  2. Towts 4u
  3. Anything Under the Sun
  4. My So Called Life
  5. The Designer's Chic
  6. I'm Walking on Sunshine
  7. The Maiden's Testimony

And of course! How could I forget? The Master Graphic Artist of that beautiful banner...

none other than...


You are the best, Windy!

Words are not enough to let you ALL know how much I am truly grateful for helping me out in spreading the word for this competition. Thank you so much! Now, I can't wait for March 15!

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

M O N I C A!

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