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Last Call for Blog Contest Sponsors...

I first blogged of the upcoming first birthday of Lainy's Musings in my previous article Another Contest in the Making. That post was to make it known to everyone that it is going to be a BIG celebration for this blog's birthday. But of course, it wouldn't be as big as I would like it to be without the generous sponsors who shall be making it possible.
It came as a huge surprise when the support came pouring in ceaselessly day by day. As of date, there are 108 sponsors who shall be giving out prizes in the form of CASH, ENTRECARD CREDITS, DOMAIN AND WEBHOSTING, THREE (3) BLOGGER SHIRTS WITH ACCESSORIES AS FREEBIES, BLOG LAY-OUT AND FREE 125X125 WIDGET EXPOSURE.
I am truly overwhelmed by all your support, guys! Thank you so much! 
The acceptance of sponsorship in whatever form you wish is until March 5, 2009, 12 mn, Midnight Central Time. 

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
G A G A Y!

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