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The Eye is the Window of the Soul...

I am certain most of you are familiar with the adage:

The eye is the window of the soul; the mouth;
the door; the intellect; the WILL are seen in the eyes!

I realize how important our eyes are. It gives us the opportunity to see the beauty of life and everything that God has in store for us. But it is such a pity! I have been suffering from severe myopia since I was 15 years old. I am a complete invalid without my contact lenses or my eyeglasses. I have been advised by my ophthalmologist a few years back to undergo laser surgery for me to get rid of the hassle of wearing both contacts and glasses but I only laughed it off! Where would I get the huge amount of money? It would take me a whole lifetime to be able to save that amount! So I entirely forgot about the surgery.

I had my annual eye consultation today. The good news? No increase in eye grade; still stands at 1000 on both eyes. The bad news... I was over refracted. Meaning, the eyeglasses that I am currently wearing is way above the normal grade that I am supposed to have. But that's OK, the doctor says so. The only important thing to take note is to change my contact lenses every after six (6) months and not one year since I am living in a very dusty community.

The doctor had my eyes dilated. He actually hesitated at first because there was no one with me. I surely will have a difficult time going home. But I insisted. I told him I can manage going home all by myself. So he proceeded with the over-all check up.

Everything was on a blur after that. I can hardly see and I had a difficult time going home and coming online. My Prince decided to call it an off night despite my complaints. I hated it when I couldn't spend my time with him! Long distance relationship is killing me! But he lifted my spirit up when he called on the phone instead and told me not to worry so much because we have a whole lifetime ahead of us. Isn't he such a sweetie?

Going back to the results of the check up, the doctor told me that the problem with having such a very high eye grade like mine is that it creates some sort of stretch marks on my eyes. Apparently, there is a need to monitor my eye condition every now and then. If symptoms like flashing occurs even when my eyes are closed, there is a need to see a doctor right away. If problems won't be detected at a very early stage, the stretch marks will result to a hole! Oh sweet heavenly! I don't want that happening to me and to anyone for that matter. So we better take good care of our own eyes before it's too late.

Anyhow, I would like to make a quick update on the Lainy's Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers Celebration! Six (6) official valid entries were able to make it for the first week since the competition's kick off. They are the following:

  1. Twerlermz Blog
  2. The Maiden's Testimony
  3. Chronic Chick Talk
  4. Mary Ann's Musings
  5. Sweet Nothings
  6. Mom 2 Ways

We are awaiting more submissions with still 10 days, 1 hour, 48 minutes and 56 seconds remaining (as of this writing) until the end of acceptance of entries. I hope I haven't scared away all potential participants with that rather long contest post, LOL! There was no intention to scare you off. This contest was meant only for fun and I hope you guys will find it that way when you share your inspiring blogging tale to the world. A contest entry is truly appreciated especially if one's HEART is on it. I know most of you are all up for the challenge.

Go! Go! Blogger! GO! You can do it!

Note: Please visit the post Lainy's Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers Celebration! for more updates!

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