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What's Wrong?

I have made a reservation for the Daddy's Home opportunity at SS a couple of days back. It's one of those webisodes that were offered to me across my two blogs. I was a little positive that this particular opportunity shall be offered to me in no time because I've already made three before, all of them were approved. It was indeed reserved for me at 1AM today.
But as my friend Twerlyn has been emphasizing to me last night, it was limited for US bloggers only. What the heck! I have always been careful of what oops to reserve at SS. It hasn't happened that I reserved opportunities reserved only for US bloggers and at the time when I had it reserved, it wasn't emphasized that it's only limited for US bloggers. Could it be that SS changed the specifications? If so, they shouldn't have done that. I was all set to send them a ticket and mutter on this but their page is not available. I'm itching to express my annoyance, Grrrr!