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War of Nerves

I am TOTALLY disappointed. If you have been watching the PBA, you should have known by now that Air 21 dismantled my all-time favorite team, Ginebra Gin Kings. The former delivered the goods at crunch time defeating the Gins in Game 5 of the Best-of-Seven series of the PBA Fiesta Conference. The entire series was a gruelling one. But Air 21 got the better of my own team tonight. I can hardly breathe watching the whole time! The nerve-wracking finish didn't go in Ginebra's favor. My whole world practically stopped after they lost. There was an absolute lull while I was watching them play. I haven't even finished yet my dropping chores for my second blog. After the heartbreaking loss, I don't have the energy to even get hold of the mouse! That's how affected I get by this basketball thingy!
But I know the never-say-die-spirit lives on. After the Gins' gaunting start this conference, they set the all-time worst record of zero wins in five games. They've sent home two reinforcement players. When they've acquired Chris Alexander, the Best Import for this conference, that's when they had the hefty plays going their way. They are back in their winning form once more as they made history by winning 12 straight games in a stretch of two long months! It is quite an accomplishment after a slow start!
I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Gins would still be able get up after getting badly bruised in tonight's game. My ill-fated team will get to play a do-or-die game come Sunday. Wish me and my team goodluck!