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On the Purchase of Entrecard Ads

This blog is barely four months old. I've never given this blog much attention, not until I've noticed the increasing number of visits it got per day. Today, I got too overwhelmed by the number of drops this blog got from Entrecard. I never fail to drop 300 cards daily. I do get return drops over 300. But today, the return drop is 507! It's the first time for this blog's history to have received that much number of drops. Breaking into the Top 20 Most Popular blogs at Entrecard is also unbelievable! It even surpassed my other blog's rankings. Don't mistake me for bragging about this but I sure as hell got very ecstatic. Out of more than 15, 000 Entrecard members, my blog is slowly inching closer to the top. Though I am well aware that rankings for the most popular blogs is never static and keeps changing every minute, it’s something that I think this blog can never accomplish again. I'm all the more humbled by this blog's progress.
One thing noticeable here is that I have only purchased one slot for advertisement which has been up and running at this site. I’ve purchased it for 1, 024 worth of credits. I didn’t think twice in purchasing the slot because that particular blog is always in the Top 10 most popular blogs.
I was faced with a huge challenge today in choosing the blogs I would drop my cards on out of the 507 blogs who made their drops for the day. It’s kind of hard because I can drop cards to only 300 blogs. I need to make a sound judgment on which blogs would likely return my drop again. Let’s face it. There are some Entrecarders who aren’t serious in dropping cards. They may have come across your blog by chance and tried to drop and that’s it. They never come back. I’m hoping I have indeed made a sound judgment in choosing the blogs I’ve dropped on as I’ve just finished dropping cards to 300 of them.

The blog who purchased a slot for my site today got 273 drops! I hope the blog owner is happy with the turn out of her ad purchase in my blog.

All these could not have been possible without my regular droppers and advertisers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have made a run down of the things I’ve learned today. These are as follows:

  1. Never hesitate to purchase big amount of credits for advertisement.
  2. Be wise in choosing the blog you want to purchase your slot for advertisement.
  3. Purchase slots from the campaign tab, go to the MOST POPULAR blogs at Entrecard, then choose ALL CATEGORIES and select NO maximum amount.

If you have a better way of purchasing your own slots for advertisements that gave you big numbers of drops, feel free to share it in my comment section.